Best Instagram Growth Services 2024 Edition

best instagram growth services

Growing your Instagram in 2024 is hard…

There’s no other way to put it and if you disagree with that simple statement, then you’re in denial.

It’s that simple.

Everybody’s looking for (and using) the best Instagram growth tools they can find, so that they keep that competitive edge.

That means your competitors are looking for ways they can outgrow you…

And if you aren’t up to date when it comes to these IG tools, then you’re already one step behind.

TLDR: UseViral is the best option when it comes to buying Instagram followers. You can view my in depth review of UseViral here.

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It seems like everybody wants to take their piece of the Instagram pie.

My only question is will there be a piece left for you?

Whether you’re looking at monetizing your Instagram through sponsorships and endorsements, or working with big named influencers, having a thriving Instagram account with highly engaged followers is critical to this success.

I emphasize “highly engaged”, because nowadays the only way to create lasting business relationships with brands on Instagram is showing them that your audience responds when you post something.

In other words, when you speak, your audience not only listens, but they take action.

And that sums up what it means to be an “influencer”…

I know that the influencer term, specifically when it comes to the Instagram platform, is thrown around loosely and almost means diddly squat in today’s world…

But when the rubber meets the road, having true influencer status means something.

Instagram growth services help you in a number of different ways because not all of these Instagram growth tools are equal.

Some of the services out there are automation platforms while others use their network of influencers to help you grow.

More yet, some of the popular Instagram growth services use fake followers to tip the Instagram algorithm into thinking your account is popular which helps you get more reach from real, active Instagram users.

Each one of these types of Instagram growth services will be explored in this article.

I can assure you that this will be the most in-depth piece of content ever written when it comes to the best Instagram growth services, who they are, how they work, why and if you need one, frequently asked questions regarding these services, the do’s and don’ts, and much more.

One thing is for certain.

There’s plenty of misleading content out there when it comes to Instagram growth services and I want that to stop with this article right here and right now.

So if you are looking to dramatically increase your Instagram presence and get maximum growth in minimum time, then this article is your saving grace.


What Are Instagram Growth Services?

Instagram growth services are companies that help you grow your Instagram through numerous means and methods.

These companies help you grow your Instagram by getting you more followers, engagement, reach, and an overall better quality Instagram profile.

We’ll delve deeper into the actual methods behind these growth types later, but so you have an overview of what Instagram growth companies offer, here are the two main types of growth these services help you with:

  1. Organic Growth Methods
  2. Alternative Growth Methods

On the surface, it seems pretty simple right?

The problem is there’s a lot of “gray” areas when it comes to what’s actually organic and what’s actually inorganic.

I will explain them below.

Organic Growth Methods

Organic Instagram growth methods are the best growth types for long-term and sustained Instagram success.

While not the quickest or the easiest, if you care about the longevity of your Instagram and your brands trust factor then organic growth methods are highly recommended.

By using organic growth methods, you put yourself at the forefront of getting a highly engaged and real audience for your Instagram account.

But it takes time and effort (and that’s alright)…

As we discussed, your main goal for Instagram growth needs to be not just a follower number, but a highly engaged and active audience that listens to what you have to say.

Growing your Instagram is much more than buying 25,000 followers or fake likes on every post.

So I think the main thing to think of first is, and I know it will sound cliche, but it’s to know why you’re doing this in the first place.

What’s the reason you’re putting forth the effort of growing your Instagram account?

Is taking the time and effort (or investing in hiring an Instagram growth service) actually worth it?

What’s your end goal here?

You can’t go wrong with organic Instagram growth, but you need to make sure you have a clear-cut goal and vision for the outcome of your Instagram profile.

While organic growth methods for your Instagram work very well, there’s always the yin to the yang.

Next we’ll talk about alternative Instagram growth methods AKA Instagram growth services that provide fake growth.

Alternative Growth Methods

Alternative Instagram growth methods are methods used to artificially inflate your Instagram account with fake followers and/or engagement.

Companies like Buzzoid claim to get you real Instagram followers, but we’ve found that to be a false claim.

Contrary to popular belief, we think that these alternative growth methods can still help you achieve your Instagram growth goals and are in a sense somewhat necessary in today’s Instagram growth landscape…

Here’s why:

Whether you like it or not, your competitors are using these alternative growth methods.

Yes, they are buying fake followers…

And yes, they are buying fake engagement… (ie. likes and views)

But why?

Because buying fake Instagram services tips the algorithm into thinking that your account is more popular than it really is.

Let’s set aside the fact that a real person who is either following you or interested in following you will be able to tell if your followers are real or fake.

When you use Instagram growth services who deliver these alternative growth methods, it can still yield tangible results.

With that being said, just because you use these growth services…

It doesn’t mean that you can coast on autopilot to Instagram fame and fortune.

The only way to get sustainable Instagram growth by using the alternative growth methods like buying fake followers is to manage your profile the way a properly built profile should be managed.

That means posting content to your account not only consistently, but also frequently.

That means creating the best content you can possibly create in your own way with a unique flavor.

When you buy Instagram followers and use these alternative “inorganic” growth methods you still have to do the things that you should already be doing anyways.

Are your captions engaging?

Are you doing hashtag research and using proper hashtags to get reach from the explore page?

Are you tagging other influencers in your niche that have the potential to reciprocate the same for you?

All these things matter.

Because if you are just buying fake followers without these foundational basics, then you’re wasting your time.


Why Are Instagram Growth Services So Popular?

Like I told you in the intro, people are always looking for ways to shortcut their success.

Instagram growth is no different.

People naturally want the most output (pleasure) with the least amount of (input) pain…

As Drake would say, “the finish line is where I like to pull up and start from”.

But that’s just not realistic to skip over the Instagram growth journey and yield the fruits without the work.

And by fruits I mean being able to create a vibrant business or brand that pays for your lifestyle forever.

Yeah, you could buy 100,000 fake followers, but that still won’t sell any products for you.

That still won’t get you any endorsements or sponsorships.

I don’t know about you, but to me it’s very disheartening to see my hard work creating great content, only to be liked by fake bot accounts.

But more often than not, that’s what you get when you only use alternative Instagram growth methods to grow your account.

Although using tools like Instagram automation or hiring an Instagram growth service, it allows you to do these things without having to do them yourself…

These things (following relevant users, liking and commenting on their content, sticking to a consistent posting schedule, etc.) have been cleverly automated by software engineers around the world.

If I could tell the Instagram growth service that I choose to target followers of ABC by following them with my profile, and by liking content of followers of ABC, etc. etc., then why would I do it myself?

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy doing these kinds of things, but the volume that’s necessary for you to yield proper results isn’t a sustainable manual practice.

One good thing about doing it manually is that you do have the ultimate control.

No matter what targeting instructions you give your Instagram growth service, they’re never able to guarantee that you will only receive relevant followers.

With so many bot accounts on Instagram, it’s just not possible.

But if you’re cool with allowing a company like UseViral to be able to help you grow your Instagram by providing targeting instructions and relinquishing total control, then the results can be very effective.

Diligent influencers use these Instagram growth companies to offset the mundane tasks which allows them to focus on the things that really matter:

  1. Content creation
  2. Engaging with their audience on already existing posts
  3. Networking with influencers
  4. Competitor research

While these are not all the areas in which a top notch Influencer focuses their energy, this is a great jumping off point to start with.

To sum things up:

Instagram growth services are so popular because they allow you to get real Instagram growth without having to take all the activities (liking people’s content, following them, etc.) yourself.

This is attractive to anybody serious about growing their Instagram.


Best Instagram Growth Services 2024

Here you’ll find out list of the most desirable Instagram growth service options out there in 2022.

There is no shortage of companies, and it’s clear that the Instagram growth industry is booming.

That said, not all companies have your best interest in mind, so worth doing some research into who they are, what they do, and what kind of growth you can expect to see.

In the next section, you’ll find 26 of the top dogs in Instagram growth– one of them could be perfect for you.

Let’s take a look.

UseViral – Best Instagram Growth Service in 2024

best Instagram growth services UseViral

UseViral is our pick for the best Instagram growth service.

The reason for this is simple.

UseViral has everything you need to get real Instagram growth, and quick.

They have a network of influencers which help you boost your Instagram profile instantly.

Simply buy Instagram followers, and you will be on your way to more Instagram followers, likes, and/or views in minutes.

Trusted by over 9,000 agencies and influencers, UseViral has made a huge impact on the Instagram growth industry.

They have more than 10k clients, and because they don’t deal with fake accounts or Instagram bots, you can see up to 3x more engagement than with other growth services.

With high quality and active Instagram profiles, you can increase your social proof in just minutes. This is one of the biggest reasons why UseViral ranks as the best Instagram growth service.

If you’re interested in social media marketing, it doesn’t get much better than UseViral. They will provide the audience you need to grow your Instagram business account.

There are so many pros to UseViral, including quick delivery, ease of use, proven results, subscription services, active followers and engagements, affordable pricing, and responsive support, to name a few!

For more info, shop UseViral



best Instagram growth services kicksta

Kicksta focuses on a few different strategies to get you more Instagram followers through their growth service.

They focus on organically attracting people in your target audience through interactions and offer different plans to do that.

There are three total: Standard, Premium, and Boost + Premium.

Standard will bring you moderate growth levels and offer you 10 Instagram targets, where the other two plans will provide maximum growth and up to 40 targets.

Kicksta doesn’t provide you with an account manager unless you use the Boost + Premium or add on the Boost plan as an additional upgrade per month.

Kicksta also offers a 14-day guarantee for their services in lieu of a trial.

Some pros include organic growth, targeting, blacklist, VIP email support, optional boost plan

Some downsides could be that there is no free trial, and the service is a bit expensive if you have a limited budget.



best Instagram growth services nitreoNitreo is similar to Kicksta in that they take an organic approach to get you more real Instagram followers.

The service is very easy to set up; once you get things connected, Nitreo will follow, like, and engage with real users in your target audience.

This extended reach will grow your account and generate more interest in your profile, also growing engagement in the long term.

There are two plans, Essential and Speed, and you’ll get the best bang for your buck with the Speed program.

This plan includes max speed as well as all targeting features, which is key for highest levels of growth.

Nitreo doesn’t offer a free trial, but their plans are no-committment, so you can canel at any time.


Flock Social

best Instagram growth services flock social

No spam, no bots, and no fake followers– that’s the motto of Flock Social. They are committed to helping their clients in an organic way.

Flock Social makes it easy to get started with a video tutorial on their website, which explains things like how the service works as well as targeting and more.

The goal of Flock Social is to help you get real engagement, boost your conversions, and also gain more organic Instagram followers.

Flock Social offers two plans that can be paid either monthly or annually.

Their Instagram as a Business plan will also get you growth optimization as well as a personal account manager, along with a guarantee of 1k monthly followers at least.



best Instagram growth services Growthsilo

Another one of the best Instagram growth services, Growthsilo also implements organic strategies to get you more real Instagram followers in the long term.

Their growth service is managed, helping to keep your account performing at optimal levels. You’ll also be able to gain targeted followers using their targeting filters.

Growthsilo focuses on building you an audience that actually cares about you and your brand, leading to more sales or monetization through Instagram.

Both of their plans will provide someone to help in managing your account, but you’ll get a dedicated account manager with their Accelerate plan.

The Launch plan offers you 10 targets along with a moderate growth speed and a 14-day guarantee.

You’ll get up to 60 targets with their Accelerate plan, in addition to gender filtering, blacklist, and VIP email support with a dedicated account manager.

This is a great option for those that are serious about growing their Instagram– 60 targeting filters ensure that you get the right people to notice and follow your account.



best Instagram growth services Ampya

Ampya is a quality Instagram growth service, no doubt. You can easily get real Instagram followers when you use their serivce, and it’s incredibly simple to get your account set up and on the move.

All you have to do is choose your package, check out, submit your targets, and the Ampya customer success team will begin working on your account.

Ampya offers two different plans, which you can see is quite standard for most organic Instagram growth services.

The Standard plan is an affordale option for those looking to start Instagram growth; you’ll get 10 targets, an account manager, and services backed up by a money-back guarantee.

The Premium plan will offer you everything you need for maximum growth– a dedicated account team, up to 40 targets, priority onboarding, blacklist, and VIP email support.

Ampya can even help with custom requests for those that need multiple accounts serviced, so don’t miss out on that opportunity and contact their sales department for more information.



best Instagram growth services Inflact

Inflact is one of the most comprehensive Instagram growth services out there because they offer so many different modules and tools that can help you build your Instagram account.

Their services are divided in three– the Audience modules, the Clients modules, and the Content modules.

Within the Audience module, you can access their Promo services, which will bring you more real followers through interaction and smart targeting.

The Clients modules provide assistance for automating your Instagram DMs, providing a chatbot with auto-replies, as well as CRM features, making it easier than ever to communicate with your followers and potential clients.

Finally, Inflact also offers a post scheduler and hashtag generator in their Content module, making sure that you have a well-rounded and thoughtful Instagram strategy that is set up for success.

You can choose the services that you need, which also makes Inflact a flexible option that could be used with another Instagram growth service depending on the functions and features.

There’s no free trial, but Inflact does offer cheaper options to let you get a feel for the features.



best Instagram growth services Kenji

Kenji is an Instagram bot that works with AI to get you more Instagram likes, followers, and engagement.

The main function of the Kenji bot is following accounts– you’ll be able to grow faster through the follow/unfollow method, one of the most popular strategies to get more followers on IG.

They offer other features as well, including their auto liker, live reactions, Instagram story viewer, and analytics.

Although Instagram bots have really dropped off in popularity due to stringent regulations from Instagram, Kenji has stood the test of time.

If you’re a bit wary of bots, you might have just found one that could work for you. Kenji also offers targeting, so you know you’ll be getting in contact with the right people.


Seek Socially

best Instagram growth services Seek Socially

Seek Socially is a combination of AI and organic methods that help to grow your Instagram followers.

One unique thing about Seek Socially is that they also offer growth for other social platforms including TikTok and Twitter.

When it comes to Instagram, they claim to only get you real, targeted, genuine followers with almost an immediate increase.

After you sign up for Seek Socially, you’ll provide their team with your targeting instructions so that they can get the AI system set up, and after that they will interact with accounts within your targets.

There are two plans available, Starter and Premium, just as we’ve seen with other growth services. The Premium plan offers many more features, so if you’re serious about Growth, you’ll likely need that plan.



best Instagram growth services Upleap

Upleap used to work according to organic strategies, but they have since transitioned to offer their clients bulk Instagram followers for quicker growth.

Their packages start at just $3, making them an affordable option if you are in a pinch and need quick growth.

You can choose between both standard followers and premium followers, starting at quantities of 100 followers and increasing up to 1000 followers.

Upleap is 100% focused on providing more IG followers, so they don’t have any additional service packages on offer at the moment.


Media Mister

best Instagram growth services Media Mister

One of the oldest companies in the industry, Media Mister has no shortage of options when you need to expand your Instagram presence.

Whatever you need for Instagram, you can rest assured that Media Mister has it.

Followers? Saves? Profile visits? Shares? Yup. That and much more.

The cool thing about Media Mister is that they’re a completely well-rounded social media growth company, offering packages for TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

That means you can give yourself a complete presence on social media and boost multiple networks at once.


Trusy Social

best Instagram growth services Trusy

Trusy Social is a bit unique when compared to the other services on this list due to the methods that they use to grow your Instagram account.

Trusy focuses on different methods that include loop giveaways, influencer giveaways, and also PR that you can buy from their team.

If you’re ready to try something new and don’t know how to run giveaways on your own, Trusy can be a great place to start.

The only thing that you might find a bit difficult about Trusy is that their packages are quite high budget. Those with a smaller allotment will likely find Trusy to be out of their price range.

That said, Trusy works to get you real engaged subscribers and have their own strategic approach on how to do that.



If you want managed growth that will put your profile in front of the right audience, Growthoid is for you.

With different features that include targeting, blacklist, VIP support, and two plans that can suit every budget, Growthoid will help you get the results that you need.

It can take a lot of time to interact with the right people on Instagram, and that’s what Growthoid will do for you.

You can save time when you work with them, and in case you didn’t get the results that you need, they also offer a guarantee of 14 days.


Follow Adder

best Instagram growth services Follow Adder

Follow Adder is an app that will help you to get real Instagram followers, likes, and comments. There are a plethora of powerful targeting features that come with their services.

You can target things like profiles, people users follow, user feed comments, hashtags, keywords, location, and more.

In addition, you’ll gain access to charts and analytics that let you know how your account is progressing.

Follow Adder can also be used to auto like, comment, DM, and send thank you messages. If you have trouble keeping your posts on schedule, you can also use their post scheduler to make sure that your content goes out at the right time.

There are three different access plans to Follow Adder, and they allow you to manage multiple Instagram accounts at once, which is great for social media managers or marketers.



best Instagram growth services UseViral

UseViral is a fan favorite for getting more Instagram followers. Not only can you get followers, but you can also grow other social media platforms.

When it comes to Instagram, there are three different metrics that UseViral can help you with– Instagram views, likes, and followers.

UseViral has been around for years and their team of growth experts has strong knowledge of just how to promote your profile to gain valuable followers and engagement.

You can choose between a one-time purchase or even get your growth on subscription to make things even faster and easier.

You’ll get real followers at an organic rate and you don’t have to provide your password, keeping your account as secure as can be.



best Instagram growth services SidesMedia

When you need to gain exposure for your brand and build your audience into a meaningful community, SidesMedia is a great go-to option.

SidesMedia works to send you real followers through an expansive network of their own users, which means everything you get from them is completely authentic.

No bots and no fake followers– SidesMedia can send you real followers and engagement because they’re built up their network for that exact purpose.

They also have a great turnaround time, providing results within 72 hours. This is a benefit in the sense that many organic services won’t be able to deliver such quick results.

You can buy packages starting at 100 followers and they also offer a subscription option to make things easier.



best Instagram growth services getafollower

There are a variety of things that help GetAFollower stand out, including their experience and expertise, privacy and safety, and their money-back guarantee.

The GetAFollower website is also very easy to use, and they truly offer some of the most robust social media promotion services out there today.

You can get growth for over 20 different social media platforms and other websites– they even have services that can grow your podcast!

For Instagram, they offer followers, likes, views, impressions, saves, mentions, comments, and more.

Check them out if you have a lot of detailed needs for IG and you’re bound to find something that can work for you.



best Instagram growth services followersup

What’s great about Followersup is that they can increase your social presence to help you have an even stronger social media strategy.

Followersup offers various features, including quick delivery, customer support, safe services, and a variety of IG packages.

Followersup has been around since 2016, so it’s safe to say that they have a strong reputation and is considered by some of their clients as the best Instagram growth service.

Instagram followers can be purchased in as quick as one minute. While their services may not be as organic as others, they do deliver the results you need when you need them.



best Instagram growth services crowdfire

Another popular option to boost your Instagram account, Crowdfire offers a simple platform that makes a big impact on your follower and engagement count.

Crowdfire is an app, and they offer you different social media management opportunities through content discovery, content scheduling, as well as multi-platform management.

You can discover the most relevant content topics based on your niche, allowing you to compete against other accounts that are vying for the attention of your targeted audience.

With four different plans that you can pay either monthly or annually, you’ll surely find an option that can enhance your IG strategy.

What’s more, they also have a free option so that you can test things out first.



Instagram engagement is more important than ever, which is why you need to ensure that your posts have enough likes. MoreLikes can help you to boost your engagement and snag more influencer deals.

Because likes and comments both hold a lot of weight if you’re looking to become a brand partner or ambassador, working with the MoreLikes autolikes package can certainly help.

Not only do they have autolike packages and subscriptions, you can also get likes on a one-time basis, making their services flexible and very simple in functionality.

You’ll get quick results and a great value for the price.



Update: Instamber is no longer in service.

If you like to use apps to grow your Instagram, you’ll like Instamber.

An Instagram bot, the app offers you the chance to interact with many users on the Instagram paltform.

It can be tough for bots like Instamber to continue operating because of the strict rules on Instagram, but the app is user-friendly and offers good targeting options.



best Instagram growth services is a platform that is based around Instagram likes, helping you to build social proof through packages of engagements.

You can use their autolikes packages or their one-time likes packages, which you can split across different posts on your account.

Likes also offers followers, and you can choose between high quality or premium depending on what you need for your account.

While there may be more organic companies out there to help build your followers, if you need to fortify your engagements, Likes can be a reliable option.



If you want to get seen in as many newsfeeds as possible, it’s important that your content comes out at the right time.

Grum is perfect to help you get your schedule on track and keep your content coming out at times when your target audiences are online.

The website is very simple– create your account, log in, and you’ll be able to have better control of your content strategy.

Grum can work well as an IG tool that you use in tandem with another Instagram growth service.



best Instagram growth services stormlikes

There are tons of Instagram services out there, but Stormlikes has been around for quite some time, helping thousands of clients to grow their Instagram profile.

You can get Instagram followers, likes, and views from Stormlikes, and they also offer a range of different payment methods to make the purchase process easy.

All of the followers and engagements you’ll get from Stormlikes are high quality, so you can build your reputation without worry.



One of the best and most organic ways to grow your Instagram account is to use Repost to help you.

A service with free and paid options, you can decide how you want your reposted photos to appear.

When you pay for their monthly or annual subscription, you can hide the repost mark, save your repost history, access all media from posts, no ads, and more.

They also have a day pass option if you just want to use it on a one-time basis to support your Instagram content strategy.


Task Ant


Hashtags are vital for any Instagram growth strategy, which is why Task Ant is such a valuable service no matter what other Instagram tools you have in place.

When you use a service like Task Ant, you don’t have to provide your password or choose any growth packages– they offer services to help you get more organic reach through hashtag research and usage.

You can design the perfect hashtag strategy through Task Ant. With standout features like hashtag searches, in-depth stats on hashtags, as well as the opportunity to create your own sets, Task Ant is the perfect tool for getting more real Instagram followers.

With the Solo plan, you can get up to 100 results per search and store up to 30 hashtag sets with 3 brands.

The Growth plan will offer you unlimited results through search, advanced hashtag analytics, and priority support for unlimited brands. This is an excellent choice if you’re a social media manager.


Benefits of an Instagram Growth Service

As we mentioned above, Instagram growth isn’t easy. That’s why these types of services are so popular, and quite frankly so beneficial.

If you are interested in Instagram marketing or reaching your target audience on the platform, there’s no reason why you should ignore the many Instagram growth tools available for you.

Below are the primary benefits you can expect when you use one of the best Instagram growth services.

Save Time

Growing your Instagram followers and engagement rate is time consuming. You have to:

  • identify your target audience
  • find the right accounts
  • engage with those accounts
  • create content
  • post content at the most optimal time
  • write captions
  • do hashtag research
  • respond in a timely manner to your engagements
  • …the list goes on and on!

You need some relief and a realistic way to streamline your workflow.

When you use an Instagram growth service, you can delegate some of those redundant tasks and focus your energy on the things that matter most, things that other people can’t do for you.

Grow Faster

Not only does it take time for you to grow your instagram on your own, it is also a slowgoing process.

If you’re hoping to like some Instagram users’ posts and be a superstar by morning, we hate to break it to you, but you’re likely in for some disappointment.

You’ll need to wait (what in some cases can be a very long time) for your Instagram growth to warm up and get moving.

This is a big inconvenience when you need growth, and you need it yesterday.

Thankfully, a great Instagram growth service will get the ball rolling very quickly– they have the time to dedicate to this, as well as the know-how.

They can help you get more people over to your Instagram page and generate exposure for your account; if your content is attractive and your profile appealing, you’re likely to gain followers and engagement quickly.

Targeted Followers

If you work with one of the best Instagram growth services, you’ll be able to have specific controls over all of the targeting filters available.

Let’s take it back just a bit– what are targeted followers, anyway?

There are over 1 billion users on Instagram, right?

Well, if a potential follower could belong to your desired target audience, they would be considered a targeted follower.

It’s important to gain real followers that care about the type of content you create, that way your Instagram engagement will grow and you’ll have a stronger overall presence on the platform.

A legit Instagram growth service will make sure that you get the targeted followers that you need, connecting you with the right users by your preferred filters.

Targeting filters frequently include things like location, gender, similar account usernames, niche, among others.

If an Instagram marketing service gets you followers that aren’t relevant to your niche or audience, you’re unlikely to gain engagement and you probably won’t see any sales.

For example, if you sell horse riding equipment in South Carolina but are getting a lot of older male followers from a faraway country, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to convert your leads into sales via Instagram marketing.

A Higher Engagement Rate

Engagement is also key if you want to get your account on the explore page and expand your reach through an organic growth strategy.

Social media is all about popularity and social proof– people do what others are doing, and they don’t want to miss out on the stuff that is cool and in style.

Think about it this way: which photo would you be more likely to double tap, one with 10 likes or one with 15,000?

Of course the one with more likes is going to be more attractive. This is the case on other social media platforms as well, but it’s extremely important for Instagram accounts.

You’ll need to have high levels of likes, comments, views, shares, and saves so that the Instagram algorithm ranks your account as valuable to your target audience.

When that happens, you’ll be able to get your content at the top of more news feeds, hashtag feeds, and even the Instagram explore page.

If you’re an influencer (or aim to be), you’ll absolutely need engagement as this is how brands determine whether or not you’d be a valuable abassador or partner for the company.

If you have a bunch of fake Instagram followers that never engage and your Instagram engagement rate is low, brands will feel that they can’t get real exposure from working with you. Thus, you’ll have less opportunity as an influencer.

Engagement on Instagram is what moves the platform– a good Instagram growth service will be able to get you real followers that will ultimately interact with your content regularly.

Tangible Results

At the end of the day, the purpose of Instagram marketing and working with an Instagram growth service is to get real, tangible results.

If you want more Instagram followers, that’s great, but what’s the ultimate goal?

Do you want to funnel people to your YouTube channel to watch your daily video uploads or tutorials?

Do you want people to visit your online store and buy products from you?

Are you hoping to become an influencer and work with brands and partnerships?

Any and every goal is achievable when you work with one of the best Instagram growth services.

Instagram isn’t used in a vacuum– the reason that so many people invest in Instagram and social media marketing is that you can monetize the platform.

Whether you’re an artist, creator, musician, business, eatery, provide a service, an influencer, and so much more, working with a reputable Instagram growth service can increase the chances of you reaching your goal with new followers.

Instagram Growth Services: FAQs

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to Instagram growth services. You may find it to be a bit confusing.

If you’re ready to work with an Instagram growth service but still have some questions, you’re in the right spot.

Even if you’re still doubtful and not 100% ready, you’re also in the right spot.

These are some of the most commonly-asked questions revolving around Instagram growth services.

While many of the answers depend on many factors, we will do our best to give you a straightforward answer that can help you make the right decision

Is it safe to use an Instagram growth service?

Yes, when you use a legit Instagram growth service you can keep your profile safe.

The best Instagram growth services all use different features to help protect your security, including things like:

  • encrypted websites
  • not requiring your password, or not storing it if they do
  • secure payment gateways

Even previous clients of a growth service will need to provide their password again if they stopped using the service, since the company doesn’t store that sensitive information.

If you’re wondering about the safety in terms of the Instagram terms of service, it can also be safe as long as you use a quality Instagram growth service.

There are a few types of IG growth services to avoid, which we will discuss in the following section.

Will you get fake or bot followers?

You may wonder about the quality of your followers and engagements– will you get organic followers, or a bunch of fake followers?

It depends on the growth service that you choose to work with.

Some help you to gain Instagram followers organically by using real engagement methods to get your profile noticed by your target market.

Other Instagram growth services, however, simply send you any type of followers so that your numbers increase. These followers may be Instagram accounts with just a profile picture and nothing more.

If you’re worried about getting fake accounts with your Instagram growth service, it’s a good idea to review in detail the website and functionality of the service.

Will an Instagram growth company put my Instagram account at risk?

Your Instagram growth service should aim to protect your account at all times.

If you are exposed to unsafe or risky services, you should quit using the service immediately.

This includes bulk interactions that can breach the daily Instagram engagement limits, as well as an influx of spam or bot followers.

Certain actions, such as sending DMs or automating comments, may have more of a negative impact on your Instagram account as opposed to just simply liking other users’ content.

For the best Instagram strategy, it’s a good idea to work with an Instagram growth service that understands the Instagram terms of service and prioritizes your account safety.

How quickly can I expect results?

This depends on the growth service.

If you use a company that works to send you followers and engagements in bulk through their own connections, you may see results as quick as the same day.

Instagram growth services that work through engagement using an organic growth strategy will likely take longer to get things moving as there is a standard “warm up period” for the actions to take effect.

In this case you may need to wait a few days to start seeing results on your account.

Regardless of which type of Instagram growth service you use, you should be on the lookout for some kind of contact or results within the first 24-48 hours.

If you don’t see anything happening on your Instagram profile, you may want to reach out to

I’ve heard about ghost followers. What are they?

Ghost followers are typically inactive accounts that may look like real followers, but actually do nothing.

Here are a few examples:

An account with a profile picture but no posts and no followers

An account that has content on their profile but doesn’t interact

An account with no photo and no content

These accounts are not truly authentic and they won’t engage with your content on Instagram after following you.

Why is this bad?

These types of accounts are notorious on social media for causing an imbalance in your follower to engagement ratio.

That’s the reason why it’s important to work with a reputable Instagram growth service that doesn’t work with ghost followers.

You’ll need to be aware and use Instagram audience management to ensure you have the most valuable followers. If not, you may want to consider using a different service.

Can I get more real Instagram followers with the best Instagram growth services?

Yes, the idea is that you’ll get more real Instagram followers through the tactics of an Instagram growth service.

Because these services take your targeting information and put you in contact with users that fall into your target audience, you’ll gain more awareness for your Instagram profile.

This will help you get real followers because the Instagram growth service isn’t just sending fake followers/engagement, real Instagram users are actually checking out your account.

Depending on how well the service works, you can get a lot more followers when you use the right Instagram growth service.

Do I have to provide my password?

It depends on the service. If the Instagram growth service is going to take actions on your behalf and interact with other Instagram accounts, then yes, they will likely need your password.

The growth service doesn’t need to store that information; they’ll simply connect without storing it anywhere.

When a service sends you a set quantity of followers and engagement, it’s common that they don’t require your password to provide services.

Wehther or not you provide your password depends on the type of Instagram growth service you use, so keep that in mind when making your choice.

How much does an Instagram growth service cost?

This also varies from company to company. the standard rate for an organic Instagram growth service will be billed monthly and usually start at a price point of around $50/month.

The price can go up, and if you get certain features like a dedicated account manager, extensive targeting options, and others, you can expect to pay more than $50 per month.

Typically the more you pay per month, the faster the growth service says that you can get more followers.

Instagram growth services that work on a per-package basis can run anywhere from just a couple of dollars to a couple hundred depending on what you need from them.

Will I get a dedicated account manager?

Many growth services for Instagram will offer you a dedicated Instagram account manager with some of their packages.

The basic package isn’t likely to come with a manager, but if you opt for one of the more advanced packages with an Instagram growth service, they may offer you a dedicated manager or even VIP support.

It can be beneficial to have an account manager if you are just getting started with Instagram growth, but if you know your target accounts and filters, having one isn’t imperative.

These days, a dashboard is often the most common way to track how a social media growth service is working.

How different are growth services from one another?

Many Instagram growth services work in the same way, helping you to generate more interest in your Instagram page through engagement and interaction.

There are a few different ways that growth services could be different:

  • the technology that they use
  • how many followers they promise to get you
  • targeting filters
  • social media manager options
  • free trial options
  • Type of interaction strategy that is used to get your page more followers

These are all things that you’ll want to confirm in advance. While the goal and some of the functionality is the same, you may find a few differences that matter between one and the next Instagram growth service.

Is an Instagram bot the same as a growth service?

Not all bots are Instagram growth services, but some Instagram growth services are bots. That’s the best way to describe it.

Some Instagram growth services employ the use of bots, while other Instagram growth services focus on AI technology that’s developed specifically for meaningful interactions.

Bots for IG growth services can sometimes put your account at risk; they used to be more effective, but now often come off as spammy, not helping you to get organic followers.

Can I get a free trial of a good Instagram growth service?

Some Instagram growth services offer a free trial, but it’s less common these days due to the fact that many services provide you with no-contract services.

More commonly, you’ll see that Instagram growth services will off your a guarantee instead of a free usage period. That way, you can still try the service and be protected.

Social media growth can be a tricky thing, and you may find that one service works great in some niches and another works better in other niches.

There are many variables, so not all services may work well for everyone.

You should keep an eye out for Instagram growth services that offer at the very least a guarantee. That way, if you don’t get new followers, you can contact support and get help.

What are people’s favorite Instagram growth services?

That depends on the person! Not everyone uses social media in the same way, and not everyone uses the same growth services as well. While the goal is the same– to grow your Instagram– some things can factor in.

UseViral is one of the best Instagram growth services and is increasingly popular with those who need Instagram growth.


It’s very easy to grow your follower count with them and you can get new followers rapidly. Their services are almost immediate and they work with organic followers.

Other services such as Kicksta, Growthsilo, Ampya, and Inflact also offer Instagram growth tools that have been useful to help grow your Instagram.

Do growth services work with multiple accounts?

Yes! If you’re a social media manager, this may be particularly important to you.

There are generally no limits to how many accounts you can use an Instagram growth service with; of course, you’ll have to pay for each account.

Some companies will offer you a bulk discount if you need to get services for multiple accounts, so this is something you may want to reach out to the support team to inquire about.

How many followers will I get?

It’s difficult to say exactly how many Instagram followers you can get due to the fact that there are many variables.

Things like your niche, targeting filters, Instagram page and content offerings, among others will affect the type of results that you see.

Not only that, over time, followers gained may decide to unfollow you, or Instagram may delete their account, causing you to lose your new followers.

This is not uncommon if the service


Types of Instagram Growth Services to Avoid

Not every Instagram growth service is created equal, and there are certainly some that you should avoid.

If you want to get real Instagram followers and keep your Instagram account out of harm’s way, you’ll need to make sure to steer clear of services that sell:

  • Preloaded Instagram profiles
  • Instagram growth through mass engagement or automation
  • Guaranteed levels of organic Instagram followers

There are a variety of reasons a growth service like that won’t be able to help you with a viable Instagram growth strategy. Let’s find out more about each type.

Preloaded Instagram Profiles

This may not be a particular type of growth service, per se, but there are companies out there that will sell you an Instagram profile that already has tons of followers already available on the account.

At first, this seems like a great option. Why wouldn’t I want to transfer my Instagram presence onto an account that already has a high follower count?

Well, a couple of reasons.

First of all, you’ll have to start from square one again with your content and profile aesthetic, which can cause a big hiccup in your overall Instagram strategy.

Second, the followers on the account may not even be real followers. They could be a bunch of fake or bot accounts, which will hurt your Instagram engagement ratio.

If the followers aren’t fake, you’ll still have a problem. Perhaps the followers will be completely out of your target audience– this will ultimately lead to low engagement as well.

You’ll probably also lose followers, which means you’ll end up in the same place that you began.

Overall, it’s not an effective strategy.

Instagram Mass Engagement Tools

Instagram implements daily engagement limits for each profile. you won’t know what they are, but they exist even though they aren’t disclosed.

Accounts have engagement limits based on their usual activity as well as other factors like account age and number of followers can have an impact.

These limits exist for liking content, following users, and commenting– all of these are vital for the success of your Instagram growth service.

When the company uses a strategy based around mass engagement, it’s almost a sure thing that your IG account will be put at risk of being blocked, restricted, or banned.

It’s much better to avoid these tools because a service that uses a mass interaction strategy doesn’t understand the current landscape of Instagram and will ultimately bring harm to your account.

Organic Instagram Growth Services that “Guarantee” a Follower Count

Because you are likely to be working with an organic Instagram growth service, you should steer clear of such services that offer you a guaranteed follower count ever month.

Why? Isn’t it good to know how many followers you’ll get?

Yes, and no.

Knowing a general range is a good thing because you can monitor your follower increase and make sure you’re getting more followers at the rate that they promised.

How to Choose the Best Instagram Growth Service

There are many different factors that you want to consider when you choose an Instagram growth service.

The following three criteria can help you ensure that you are working with a company that can truly help you get more real Instagram followers without putting your account at risk.

You also want to ensure you’re actually getting something of value and not just throwing money away.

Look for an Organic Instagram Growth Service

The best way to build up your Instagram profile is to work with a company that help you with organic Instagram growth.

That means that you’ll be in constant contact with more people in your target audience, expanding your reach and getting you more organic Instagram followers over time.

You should definitely avoid companies that offer you free followers– these are likey to be very low quality and can’t offer you anything of substantial growth.

Work with Companies That Provide More Real Instagram Followers

You don’t want your account full of fake followers– they won’t buy your products, they won’t recommend you to friends, and they won’t interact with your posts.

This is a key element when choosing the best Instagram growth service.

Look For Details on How the Service Actually Works

Too many companies these days try to avoid actually explaining what their services do.

Look carefully at the website to ensure they give you real information and don’t try to simply sell you something using buzzwords.

Choose Safe Services

Don’t ignore safety. Is the website secured? Does the company offer secured payments?

Not only that, do they require you to give too much information just to see more information about the service, or the pricing?

Ask yourself– is this company going to over engage on Instagram and bring me trouble in terms of engagement limits? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you make the right choice.

Know Your Goals

If you know what your goals on Instagram are, you can make the best choice when it comes to which growth service to work with.

Some may focus more heavily on engagement where others will be focused on providing you with tools to make your strategy better.

If you know which you prefer, you can make the best choice for your profile.

5 Tips to Make Your Instagram Growth Service Work Even Better

Different social media platforms require different strategies for success, and Instagram is no different.

If you want to be successful on the social media sensation, there are at least 5 things that you’ll need to focus on.

What’s more, these 5 things will also help your Instagram growth service to work better.

Even the best growth services can’t bring you results if you sit back and wait without putting in work.

Remember, the idea of a growth service is to connect with more Instagram profiles that may be interested in you; if this person comes to your page and sees nothing worth sticking around for, you won’t get more followers.

Many people think that when they work with a growth service, they can stop working and they’ll all of a sudden become an Instagram hit.

This is a big problem. Keep in mind that you still need to keep working on your content offerings and more if you want to see results and real followers.

Here are 5 areas you can focus on to ensure that your Instagram growth service brings in the best results.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio and Profile

Your Instagram profile is the first thing a user sees when they land on your page. This means it has to look great.

Your username should be easy to remember and representative of your brand, and your profile picture should also be of high quality and showcase who you are.

There are two main elements of your Instagram profile, which is the bio and the feed.

We’ll talk about how you can make the most to help your Instagram growth service get you more followers.

Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio tells people what they need to know about you.

To get real followers, make sure that it gives your viewer all of the information they need, including any relevant link in bio tool to create a link directory.

This is especially important if you hope to see increased traffic to your external site or want to increase sales, registration, or other metrics with an outside link.

Instagram Feed

Your feed also makes a big impact on a potential follower; what is the aesthetic? Do you have a clear brand image?

Can the follower relate to you? How does all of your content look as a whole?

This is a vital consideration if you want a consistent and appealing Instagram look.

Spend Time Developing a Content Strategy

Your content is absolutely the most important element of your Instagram strategy if you want to see more results with an Instagram growth service.

Content is the whole reason why a person would decide to follow your account– it’s also the reason why they would like your post, comment on it, share it, and more.

If you don’t have a good content strategy on Instagram, you really have nothing.

Create Superior Content

Your content needs to stand out from the competition. What do you offer your followers that they love, or that they can’t get anywhere else?

Putting all of your ideas together in a content plan can be useful. What type of aesthetic are you going for? What filters do you frequently use?

What is the topic of your content, and what’s the subject? Who is involved in creating it?

While many of the best accounts make content creation look effortless, it actually takes work and dedication to get there.

Don’t underestimate the power of your content– do research and see what’s working well with other accounts in your niche for best results.

Use a Range of Content Formats

When Instagram first began, the only thing you could post was a single photo.

If you’ve been on Instagram anytime in the past year or so, you’ll see that now there are many different types of content you can post.

This is important because you need a healthy mix of content formats on your Instagram profile for the best content strategy.

Instagram stories is incredibly important; over 1 half of the one billion active users on Instagram participate in the feature every single day.

You should mix up your content between Instagram stories and in-feed posts at the very list.

Video is also more popular than ever, so having high-quality, appealing video content is a great way to get people to follow you.

Write Captions that Attract and Motivate

Captions are also extremely important because they tell your audience who you are in a more detailed way– they express your voice.

Not all captions have to be the size of a novel, but throwing in a longer one every now and again can help to make them more interesting and engaging.

There are two main things to consider when creating captions.

Calls to Action

Your followers and viewers should be motivated to do something after they read your caption.

Do you want them to like your post? Tag a friend? Share it? Leave a comment?

Any and all of these actions can be suggested through calls to action in captions.

In fact, every caption you write on Instagram should include one.

Think along the lines of “double tap if….” and “tag someone who…”

Tell a Story

Give your followers and viewers insight into your brand, who you are, and why they should care about your post.

This is a great time to be authentic and really make connections to your audience.

Define Your Target Audience

Sometimes people think that they know their audience very well, but it’s a good idea to confirm– you might be surprised.

Perhaps you want your target audience to be people between 18-30, but then you find that people who really love your content are between 35-45.

If you don’t know this and are continually targeting the wrong group, you may see less real followers than you would if you had been aiming for the 35-45 group.

Here are some different areas you should consider when you are defining your target audience for your Instagram growth service.


Location may not be of the utmost importance to you, but if you are looking to attract real followers from a particular place, you need to identify that with your growth service.

Understanding where your main user base is located can also bring you better results.


Who is most likely to be intersted in your product or your profile? Men, women, or both?


How old is the majority of your followers?


What is your target audience interested in? What are their hobbies, what other Instagram accounts do they like and/or follow, and what can you do to involve those interests in your content?

Pain Points

What kind of problems does your target audience have? How does your brand/business solve them, and what kind of value can you offer them?

For your Instagram growth service, the first three will be most important, but the final 2 elements of understanding your audience can also be very useful for content creation.


Final Thoughts: Best Instagram Growth Services and How to Use Them

So there you have it! A comprehensive guide on using an Instagram growth service– which ones are popular, how they work, what to expect, and what you can do to make sure they’re successful.

It’s not easy to get real followers quickly on Instagram, but working with a company on this list can certainly make things a bit easier.

While that doesn’t give you an excuse to slack off on your Instagram work, it does make things more manageable so you can focus on what really matters, such as the 5 things we just listed above!

We hope that after reading, you feel confident choosing the best Instagram growth service for you.

What’s the best Instagram growth service?

It’s tough to say, but we’re pretty confident that most people have found success with services like UseViral and Growthsilo. Even the tools offered by companies like Kicksta and

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