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Gaining a reputable Instagram following that can help you to boost your online presence is a tough endeavor, which is why so many people opt for buying followers.

Written by: Sidney Hubbard

Last Updated: 06/18/2022

Category: Instagram Growth Tools

Gaining a reputable Instagram following that can help you to boost your online presence is a tough endeavor, which is why so many people opt for buying followers.

What’s more, if you’ve ever bought Instagram followers in the past, you know that it’s not uncommon to fall into a cycle– there are two possibilities.

Cycle 1: you spend a hefty budget buying followers in high quantities to boost your follower count, only to see that after a day or so, you’ve basically lost them all.

Cycle 2: you buy a bunch of fake Instagram followers that don’t add any engagement or value to your account, and you are then sucked into buying Instagram likes, views, and anything else to help you maintain an air of legitimacy.

Neither option is desirable, because at the end of the day, you won’t end up with any more monetization opportunities, you won’t end up on the Explore page, and you won’t be able to generate long-term Instagram growth.

Perhaps you even find that your account has been restricted or banned, which is even worse!

Of course, none of these outcomes is desirable, and it’s likely the reason you’ve come across this post: to avoid the negative repercussions of buying Instagram followers altogether.

One way you can do that is to buy real Instagram followers. What typically happens is that people go for cheap Instagram followers, only to find later that they weren’t real followers at all, just a bunch of fake accounts.

Bot followers and fake accounts aren’t going to help you reach your long-term goals, so we’ve put together this post to help you understand the ins and outs of buying Instagram followers.

That means we’ll go over how to buy organic Instagram followers, companies that provide premium followers and real users, as well as the best third party apps that can boost your follower count in real, meaningful ways.

As a bonus, we’ll also talk about the risks of buying fake followers, how to buy Instagram followers fast and safely, as well as how the Instagram algorithm works and what engaged followers can do for your Instagram profile.

Let’s jump right in!

How to Buy Instagram Followers That Are Real And Active in 2022

There are certainly a lot of things you’ll need to keep in mind when you’re looking to buy high-quality followers that will aid your account growth.

You’ll most definitely want to stay away from companies’ fake accounts and bot followers, keeping your eye out for organic followers, also described as active Instagram followers.

When you buy active Instagram followers, you’ll be able to access a number of benefits that will help your account in the long term, and there are a range of different social media services that can offer you that opportunity.

While it may be tempting to get as many followers on Instagram via any means, you’ll find that if you’re not getting real accounts, your Instagram profile will suffer as a result.

Here we’ll break down all of the best sites to buy IG followers from, as well as the different methods they implement, from Instagram follower packages, to target audience strategies, and more.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers in 2022

Below we’ve compiled a list of the 27 best sites to buy Instagram followers. We’ll discuss who the company is, what you can expect from them, and how good their Instagram services truly are.

All of the companies on this list claim to help you grow your real Instagram followers and boost engagement in a meaningful way.

The best way to ensure that you get something valuable for your Instagram is to purchase followers that are real and active, use services that offer organic Instagram growth, as well as focus on your target audience.

Let’s take a look now at the best social media services that will help you to grow your Instagram account with an approach that delivers results and not a headache.

Thunderclap – Best Place to Buy Real, Active Instagram Followers in 2022

If your goal is to buy real, active followers, Thunderclap is the place to go.

A company that offers Instagram-exclusive services, you can work with them to “buy Instagram followers, grow your reach, and get real growth,” just as they mention on their homepage.

Thunderclap offers some of the best services because not only will they provide you with active followers on Instagram, but they’ll also offer you a subscription service so that you can keep getting them over time.

If you don’t want a subscription, no prob, you can also select a one-time package that will get you the new followers that you need.

One of the most transparent social media growth companies out there, all of Thunderclap pricing is available without providing any information or signing up, and they also offer extensive information on their website about their services and how they can help your IG performance.

Standout features also include viral targeting, secure services, fast delivery, dedicated support, as well as a guarantee.

The active followers and engagements that you get from Thunderclap will definitely make a big, positive impact on your account growth in the long run.

Media Mister

media mister homepage
Media Mister is one of the oldest social media growth companies around. Not only can they help you grow your IG, but they can help you with virtually any other social media platforms in existence.

You can buy Instagram followers in addition to a variety of different engagements that can help your performance on the platform.

You can also select the Instagram followers type, allowing you to choose between Instagram Ads, normal, or NFT followers.

This is a great, all-in-one place to grow different social media networks if you’re working to build a following across multiple platforms, helping to establish your presence on social channels.

With a money-back guarantee, privacy and safety, as well as great customer support, Media Mister is a valuable option to grow one or more Instagram accounts.

You will also find that Media mister provides quick delivery, making sure that you buy followers that you won’t have to wait months to receive. They also provide information about how their followers are targeted.


Kicksta is an Instagram growth tool that avoids spam, bots, and fake followers, helping you to make a connection with users and get real followers.

A notoriously popular option for Instagram followers, Kicksta puts your targeting instructions to work and will help you to connect with real users on the platform.

This, in turn, will increase your real IG followers and hopefully bring you more engagement as well. For as long as you employ their services, Kicksta will help you to grow your Instagram followers.

While you’ll need to provide your password for services, Kicksta will keep your account safe through secure encryption. Their services are also in line with Instagram engagement limits, helping to avoid any risk with your growth.

If you want to buy active Instagram followers, Kicksta is a trusted option.


Get A Follower
GetAFollower is a great place to buy Instagram followers because they care about both their own success as well as their clients’ success. With packages for high quality Instagram followers, likes, views, and more, there’s something that can work for you with GetAFollower.

Similar to Media Mister, GetAFollower has built comprehensive social media growth services, offering you packages that can even help you grow obscure social media platforms, like VK or Napster (yep, that still exists).

For Instagram, their offerings are wide, including IG followers, likes, views, saves, mentions, and pretty much any other engagement that you can imagine for the platform.

Quick delivery, years of experience, as well as a money-back guarantee make GetAFollower a top choice if you’re interested in buying followers.

Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media
Real Instagram followers can be found on Buy Real Media, in addition to many other packages for Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and a range of other social media platforms.

As we have mentioned multiple times so far, a service can only offer you high value if you can buy real Instagram followers, which makes Buy Real Media a good choice for IG growth.

In the past, you had to register and send your info along to get a quote for services, but now you can access all of the information directly on the Buy Real Media service page.

Another unique facet you’ll encounter when you buy followers from BRM is that you can choose your target country right off the bat, which is a good feature if you are looking for followers from a specific country.

In any case, you’ll find a lot of value in what BRM provides and along with that, a 100% satisfaction guaranteed, speedy delivery, and secure checkout for all packages.


Another popular service from which you can buy real Instagram followers is Nitreo. They’ve been around for quite some time now, and their services have continued to evolve alongside the Instagram algorithm.

You’ll get Instagram growth based on engagement strategy, helping you to ensure you get IG followers that are a part of your ideal audience, people who are likely to engage with your account and increase your success.

When you work with Nitreo, you’ll provide your targeting instructions so that they can hone in on the right kind of followers for you and engage with them accordingly.

Nitreo doesn’t deal with fakes or bots, which makes them an even better option if you care about your Instagram reputation.

Along with their paid services, Nitreo used to offer some free tools to help with your Instagram performance, but currently they only offer two paid plans, Essential, and Speed.

Flock Social

Flock Social
Flock Social is passionate about providing an authentic and effective platform to buy followers for Instagram, and they do so by offering an interaction-based service to grow your profile.

Their website is incredibly user friendly and you are able to see exactly how the service works in 4 simple steps: create your account, find profiles similar to yours, aut0-engage with followers, and grow your Instagram.

The simple nature of Flock social makes them a great option for those who want to turn on growth and not worry about it, putting all of their time and effort into content creation and other meaningful tasks.

Instagram stories are also a part of Flock’s strategy, so you’ll be able to leverage one of the most popular features of Instagram to boost your following.

There are three different monthly options with Flock Social, and they are a bit on the expensive side, so they may not work with all budgets.

That said, they have a lot of happy clients and might be the tool you’ve been looking for.


Arguably one of the best Instagram growth services on the market today is Growthsilo. With laser-sharp targeting, dedicated account managers, and experts that have been doing this for years, you’ll definitely love buying followers from them.

Not only that, they work according to organic interaction techniques and will get you in touch with your target audience.

You can feel good about putting your IG growth in the hands of a third party with Growthsilo because their track record proves they care about client success.

You’ll have access to a range of useful features, including up to 60 targets, location targeting, gender filtering, blacklist, and a dedicated account manager.

Their plans are contract-free, so you can cancel anytime. Growthsilo also offers a 14-day guarantee, which not all services do. You can try them out and see the results for yourself, which is a big plus.

With two affordable plans, Growthsilo will have your Instagram account growing in no time.
Sometimes it’s not easy to find a place to buy Instagram followers and get the results you need, but Ampya makes it a walk in the park.

Their mission is to help you get real followers organically, so you don’t have to worry about the fakes or bots that come along with some other less professional services.

You’ll be able to connect with your target population when you work with Ampya, and you’ll even have an account manager that can help guide you and ensure that everything is working at optimal levels.

There are two package options that you’ll choose from with Ampya; once you’ve got your selection made, simply check out and you’ll be on the road to a higher number of Instagram followers.

Ampya also puts your targeting instructions to work, getting you Instagram followers that will contribute to your engagement rate and post success.

With innovative technology, premium support, and a 14-day guarantee, you’ll have peace of mind when you buy followers from Ampya.

Trusy Social

Trusy Social 
A bit different than other services on our list, you can get Instagram followers with Trusy Social in many different ways.

As opposed to packages or engagement strategies, Trusy Social offers you the opportunity to buy followers and participate in Instagram loop giveaways as well as Influencer promotions.

Loop giveaways can be a great way to get a large amount of followers in a short time, and it’s even better when you’re not the one that’s hosting it.

Trusy also offers interaction-based services, and their range of plans can provide you a little or as much support as you need.

That said, Trusy is a bit on the pricey side, which means it may not be the best choice for everyone.

Prices can get as high as $564 a month, which will include loop promotions on a weekly basis, a dedicated account manager, among other benefits.

Seek Socially

Seek Socially
Seek Socially is designed along the same lines as Kicksta and Nitreo. If you are worried about buying followers and then getting a bunch of low value results, you will probably like what Seek Socially has to offer, as they don’t mess with fakes or bots.

Their Instagram growth service uses your specific targeting filters and instructions to get in contact with real IG users who are likely to care about what you post, boosting your engagement as well as followers.

Seek Socially has designed their services with their clients in mind, understanding just how important your reputation on Instagram is.

You’ll even be able to get a refund if you find that Seek didn’t deliver the top-quality results you were hoping for, as this is a part of their result guarantee.

Chances are, however, that with their specific targeting as well as advanced AI technology, you’ll be able to see positive growth on your IG.


StormLikes is one of the best places to buy followers if you want to get in, get out, and see growth. Their services are extremely efficient and streamlined, making it easy to get Instagram followers in just a few clicks.

In addition to Instagram followers, you can get Instagram likes and views as well, helping you to have a full, well-rounded Instagram presence and shoot your profile to success.

You can choose to buy followers of different quality: either high-quality followers, or premium followers. Quick delivery and real followers are two things that StormLikes always provides.

On their website, StormLikes goes through all of the different reasons why you need more followers and engagement on Instagram as well as describes how their services work and what you can expect when you work with them.

All major credit cards are accepted for payment, in addition to Apple Pay, which makes it even more convenient to get IG followers when you need them.


If you are more interested in a service that helps you to grow different social networks, you’ll love UseViral. Their user-friendly interface and wide array of services make it easy to get Instagram followers and any other social engagements or followers that you need.

For Instagram, you can find packages of Instagram views, likes, or followers, and you can also get anywhere up to 25k followers, which can make a big difference for your profile.

Not only that, you’ll also be able to get a subscription followers package, helping you to get the most natural and effective follower growth without worry that it’s going to trail off or stop when you need it most.

In addition to Instagram, you can get services for TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, SoundCloud, and many more.

This means you’ll have a consistent social presence across platforms; nothing is worse than having tons of followers on one network but hardly any on another. This can ding your social cred pretty hard!

UseViral keeps your numbers up on the most popular platforms.


SidesMedia has been in the industry for years, tapping into their large network of social media users to provide some of the most comprehensive social media services on the market, including Instagram followers.

SidesMedia takes your Instagram growth seriously, and has spent quite a bit of time developing the best services that can bring you active Instagram followers, likes, and more.

This is also the case for other social platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and more, ensuring that your reputation remains strong on many different social channels.

You can choose the package that is best for you, which makes SidesMedia growth very flexible. They start at 100 followers and go up to 25k followers, so you can get any level of growth you need.

Not only that, their subscription packages can provide you with Instagram followers on a regular basis, increasing your reputation gradually and naturally.


If you need to get real active Instagram followers quickly, Followersup is a safe and reliable choice.

Followersup has a simple and straight-to-the-point website that will help you to get more followers in a matter of minutes.

Follower packages start at 1000 followers, and you can go up from there, all the way to 100k followers.

The delivery is drip, so you’ll get everything naturally and without worry that you’ll be flagged by Instagram.

The good news is that Followersup also offers a warranty on your purchase, so you won’t have to worry about losing your investment if followers decide to unfollow.

The warranty period depends on how many followers you buy, as does the delivery period. You can find all of this information on their website along with the prices.

There are also packages to get Instagram auto likes, auto views, auto story views, and IGTV engagements, giving you the best chance of success on Instagram.

Followersup isn’t just for IG– they will help you grow a bunch of different popular social networks.


Hashtags are undoubtedly important if you want to get real Instagram followers, and that’s why companies like Flick have emerged– Flick can help you to create the most effective hashtag strategy for follower growth.

It can be pretty tedious to come up with a bunch of high-performing hashtags for Instagram, which is why Flick will help you do that work.

You can find the right hashtags, manage them, as well as analyze their performance, all right from the user-friendly dashboard that Flick provides.

If you’re unsure of where to start or have never thought about expanding your hashtag strategy for more active followers on Instagram, don’t worry, Flick offers a 7-day trial so you can test the waters.

The best part? You can store your hashtags in different content-relevant sets so that you can easily copy and paste them to your content when you’re ready to go live.

This tool has made Instagram growth so much easier, and we’re here for it.


Growthoid has Instagram growth dialed in, and can help you to get real Instagram followers with ease. Their specific targets and options for finding the right users are almost unmatched by other companies out there.

When you sign up, you’ll get a dedicated account manager that will work closely with you to create effective targets and get in touch with the right IG users. The followers you gain will all be organic Instagram followers– real followers who care about your content.

This is the best way, considering you’ll be able to get more engagement as well, boosting your performance against the Instagram algorithm and helping you to reach the level of success you seek.

With two flexible monthly plans that don’t require contracts, Growthoid will work for you as long as you want, on your terms.


SimplyGram comes right out of the gate with a big promise: 5,000 Instagram followers every month when you work with them.

They go by the “set it and forget it” methodology, allowing you to give them the instructions they need and just focus on your own tasks to boost your Instagram.

The good news is that you can test out SimplyGram before you sign on for good, which helps to put your mind at ease a bit.

After all, 5k is pretty great for monthly Instagram growth.

There are three different packages you can choose from when you work with them, and that will basically help you to get the traffic you need to grow your account.

None of the plans that SimplyGram offers require a contract, so you can cancel at any time if you feel you aren’t getting the results that you need.

SimplyGram uses other accounts to help you get traffic to your account, which is why they can offer you quality followers through their services. Depending on the package you choose, you’ll get more accounts sending you traffic, leading to higher follower growth.

Social Buddy

Social Buddy 
Another great option that can help you grow your Instagram account is Social Buddy. They describe their Instagram growth service as working “through advanced social media marketing processes.”

SocialBuddy also confirms that you won’t get any fake or bot followers, which is good to know, considering those types of followers on Instagram can hurt you more than help you.

There’s only one monthly plan offered by Social Buddy, which makes it even easier to get IG growth since you don’t have to decide between different plans.

Once you go through the signup process, Social Buddy will begin promoting your account in the hopes of getting you real Instagram followers.

Audience Gain

Audience Gain
Audience Gain may appear to be only for YouTube at first glance, but fear not– they can certainly help you with your Instagram account as well.

As you can see from their homepage, they are a digital marketing company that can help you with social media growth.

They have YouTube set as their premier service, which is why it appears on their homepage, but Instagram is also one of their service offerings as well.

You can buy Instagram followers with guaranteed delivery, no password required, and 24/7 support to make sure you get what you need.

Audience Gain knows that having a lot of IG followers will help to give your account credibility, and they want to be the company to help you get there.

Results will start in 24 hours and the delivery will continue until you receive over 100% of what you ordered, which sounds like pretty great service.


PlentyGram offers different Instagram advertising services to make sure that you get the real followers and engagements that you need.

You can get Instagram daily likes, views, and followers, or buy them in individual packages on an as-needed basis.

Followers come in packages that start at 100 followers and go up to 10k followers.

Some of the features you’ll get to enjoy when you work with PlentyGram include delivery within 12-72 hours, no password required, and no fake accounts.

You can also grow your TikTok account, which is a great place to have a secondary presence if you’re running an Instagram account.

Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta 
Mr.Insta has been around since almost the beginning of Instagram, so the fact that they have been able to help people build their Instagram followers for that long is a good sign that they will bring you something of value.

You’ll get your order delivered to you within 24-72 hours, and you’ll always get more than you purchased from Mr.Insta as a safeguard. It’s better to get more than less, right?

Mr.Insta also mentions that their follower packages help to increase your engagement and promote new + organic growth over time, so that’s promising.

Services you get with Mr.Insta are 100% safe and private, don’t require a password, and also include a refill guarantee.

You can get much. more than Instagram followers with Mr.Insta– they offer tons of other packages and engagements for the platform, as well as services for other social media networks.

Goldstar Social

Goldstar Social 
Goldstar social is a quick and simple way to get Instagram followers that are delivered right to your profile with no hassle.

The followers you get from Goldstar are quality, worldwide followers, which can help you with your overall popularity and social proof on Instagram.

Packages begin at just 100 followers and go all the way up to 20,000 followers, so you can satisfy any level of growth that you need.

While they don’t offer growth for any other social platforms, you can get Instagram likes along with Instagram views to ensure that your IG profile is well-rounded and as credible as possible.

Goldstar Social also offers a FAQ to answer any questions or concerns you may have about their services before you buy.


Famoid claims to be the “new way of becoming a famous” on social media, and right from their homepage you can see that they offer services for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, as well as YouTube.

These are four of the most popular social networks out there right now, so having a strong reputation on all four is pretty epic.

You can buy Instagram followers from Famoid, and the new followers that you’ll get are valuable for your account. They won’t harm your profile or fill it up with fakes and bots.

You can also access a range of other package options for Instagram through Famoid, including boosts for comments and automated posting.


You can save a lot of time when you buy Instagram followers from SocialViral. You can buy different quantities of followers up to 50k.

The interesting thing about SocialViral is that they offer you verified accounts, which might be confusing– this simply means that they are true, authentic accounts and are not fakes.

You won’t be followed by only people that have a little blue verification mark by their name (although that’d be pretty cool).

You can access other social media services on SocialViral as well, including Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, among others.


Jarvee is a popular automation service for Instagram, and while many companies have tried to pretend that they don’t offer Instagram automation, Jarvee hasn’t strayed away from it.

They’ve been around for quite some time, and they’re proud to offer you the chance to automate your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, Tumblr, and YouTube accounts.

For Instagram, all you have to do is download their software and you can take advantage of their IG automation services, including: follow/follow back, unfollow, auto-repost, auto-like, comment, DMs, and much more.

If you manage multiple accounts and just don’t have the time, Jarvee could be a great choice.

Keep in mind that their services only work for Windows, but if you have a Mac, you can contact support and see if they are still offering a solution.


Want to buy real and active Instagram followers? InstaMama is the place for you. You’ll be able to get followers on Instagram very quickly and easily, and you don’t have to worry about these being fake or ghost accounts.

InstaMama offers IG follower packages starting at 500 followers and going up to 50k followers.

To access services, you don’t need to provide your password, and your account will be kept safe through gradual delivery.

In addition, you’ll get access to a money-back guarantee, 24/7 support, and followers with a high retention rate.

For Instagram, InstaMama can help you to get more likes and views as well, or you can grow other social networks like Twitter and YouTube.

There’s also a free trial, but only for Instagram likes.

The Risks Involved in Buying Fake Instagram Followers

As you may know, it’s better to have real followers for your Instagram account than fake ones, but sometimes you get into a dark spot and just want to see those numbers increase.

You may think that buying fake followers is no problem, and that bot accounts really don’t make that big of a difference.

Well, unfortunately, you may be setting yourself up for low Instagram success, as there are more risks involved with fake Instagram followers than you might realize.

Here are some of the potential risks that you could face when you buy followers that aren’t authentic or active:

  • Your Instagram account looks sketchy: people who view your profile may consider your profile to be less credible when you have a lot of fake accounts as Instagram followers. When they click on your follower count and see that random, strange accounts are following you, it’s not difficult for IG users to figure out that you bought followers, diminishing your reputation .
  • Your engagement suffers: fake accounts won’t engage with any of your posts, they won’t buy from you, they won’t share your content with friends, and ultimately that is going to hurt you more than help you. You need healthy levels of engagement to have a good performance against the Instagram algorithm (more on that later).
  • You can get blocked or banned: as we mentioned in a previous section, you could run the risk of being blocked or banned on Instagram for unsavory activity related to bot followers or spam. If your account is marked as suspicious, you could suffer the consequences; what’s more, you may even lose your account altogether if you don’t pay attention to the social media platform’s warnings.
  • You’ll lose your investment: it’s not uncommon for new followers to be removed from your account if they’re identified to be bots or fakes. Instagram frequently sweeps their platform to clear out any low-value accounts, inactive accounts, or bots. This is to protect the user experience, so if you invest in this type of service, you may find that in a day or two your whole investment has gone down the drain and you’ve lost all the followers you bought.

There’s one other big risk that you’ll take on when you get fake followers, and we’ll discuss that one in the next section. It’s a doozy.

Brands Won’t Work with Influencers Who Have Fake Followers

One of the main reasons people are compelled to gain more Instagram followers is because of the prospect of monetization and working as an influencer to generate income on IG.

It’s certainly lucrative and appealing– after all, who wouldn’t want to be paid to travel around the world and shoot amazing content to share?

While there are many types of influencer and deals to be had, one thing remains the same: you need to have a strong platform with loyal followers who care about what you post.

Back in the day, brands and companies took a look at the follower count, and the higher it was, the more likely you’d be able to become an Instagram influencer.

Now, it’s not so easy. Social media users are much more aware of the option to buy fake followers and want to avoid brands that do this at all costs.

The reason for this is that you don’t have any quality followers that will actually actively engage with your content, which ultimately means they’re not going to buy anything.

Brands look for Instagram profiles that have the following:

  • High engagement rate (likes, comments, views)
  • A healthy follower to engagement ratio
  • Strong follower count
  • A personality or image that aligns with the brand values

Follower count isn’t the only important thing that you need to look out for. Brands care if your followers are comprised of real users, that’s a fact.

This is reflected in your follower to engagement ratio. Let’s say you have 25k followers on Instagram but average only 15 likes per post.

It’s clear that something is off here– either you have tons of inactive followers, or your content is abysmal and no one cares about what you post.

Regardless of which, brands are going to turn the other cheek and look for a partner that can offer them strong engagement and interest. This is the only way for them to get results, right?

So, it’s tempting if you’re looking to boost your brand partnerships to buy tons of followers and cross your fingers, but avoid this strategy.

Brands will not work with you if you don’t provide real Instagram followers to view their products/promotions.

Instagram Has a New Algorithm – And it Doesn’t Favor Fake Followers

The Instagram algorithm has mystified users for years, and the fact that it’s consistently evolving on the social media platform doesn’t help any.

The current state of the Instagram algorithm, however, has one thing clear: fake followers won’t bode well for your account.

Because the current IG algorithm weighs heavily on valuable engagement, such as likes, comments, DMs, saves, and shares, fake followers can actually lower your performance and get your profile and/or content marked as low value.

Instagram’s algorithm will look for posts that have a high engagement level and then will show this content to other users who may also enjoy it.

If you have many followers but virtually no engagement, that will be of zero assistance in getting your Instagram page seen by more people in the long term.

What’s more, it may even get you shadowbanned, causing fewer of your posts to be shown to your own followers since it was marked as low value content. Ouch!

How to Buy Real Instagram Followers Fast

At the end of the day, when you buy Instagram follower packages from a company like Thunderclap, you’re going to be getting more Instagram followers at lightning speed.

Using these package deals is typically a cheap option and a good way to buy IG followers without waiting for tons of turnaround time.

For instance, if you use a service like Kicksta or Seek Socially, you’ll need to wait a lot longer for the results because they are going to have to find ways to connect with your target audience and interact on your behalf.

Not only that, they will require your Instagram password, which is something that people may not want to provide.

Options like Thunderclap allow you to order Instagram followers in the quantity that you prefer, and they do the work to get you active Instagram followers that will help your overall performance on the app.

The idea is to find services that can get you the number of followers you need without compromising safety or quality, and there are a handful of companies on this list that can do exactly that.

How to Buy Instagram Followers Safely

Yes, it is possible to buy Instagram followers safely, and that’s exactly what we’re going to help you understand in this section.

Companies who are selling Instagram followers don’t always make it cut and dry; sometimes you can’t even really understand what you’ll be receiving from the company. That in itself is a red flag.

The following five actions can help to protect you when you are looking to buy followers and make sure that you get the best bang for your buck in terms of Instagram follower growth.

1. Buy Targeted Instagram Followers

You need targeted followers on Instagram because these are people that are likely to care about your content and interact with your profile after they follow you.

It’s also better for follower retention and can help you to have a stronger presence on the social media platform.

2. Be Cautious If You Buy Instagram Followers Cheap

Cheap Instagram followers are attractive, but are typically the lowest quality that you can find. This is almost a surefire way to bring risk to your profile, skew your metrics, and even lose your investment if these fake followers fall off of your account.

Ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase followers at a price that seems too good to be true. Remember– it probably is.

You may want to opt for a service that costs a bit more but can offer a guarantee or better methods to get you quality followers.

3. Work with Upfront and Honest Sellers

The best social media growth companies are transparent and give you all of the necessary information you need right upfront.

This includes things like how the service works, pricing options, what type of followers/engagements you’ll get, refund policy and guarantee, as well as a FAQ that can help you to answer any questions you have.

Dishonest companies will try to sound really great but actually not end up saying much, losing all meaning in buzzwords and fillers.

Look for transparent companies that tell you all of the info you need before you have to give them information or make a purchase.

4. Look for Engagement Growth

Engagement, as we’ll discuss in the section about the Instagram algorithm below, is a key metric if you want to be successful on Instagram. After all, if your followers aren’t doing anything, what’s the point?

You need people who are going to like your content, share with friends, and maybe even buy from you or the brand you’re promoting.

Services that offer engagement growth are the ones that will end up being most valuable to your overall results.

5. You’re Not Just Purchasing Followers, You’re Purchasing a Strategy

At the end of the day, many people buy Instagram followers and then wonder why their account isn’t thriving.

It’s a common misconception that all you need to do is hit that “purchase” button and you’ll automatically become a sensation on the platform.

That’s simply not how it works. When you buy Instagram followers, you are adding to the strategy that you should already have in place.

That means it’s important to continue to focus on key elements of Instagram performance, including:

  • Hashtag and caption strategy, including a call to action for all your Instagram posts
  • Content planning and development, including multiple content formats
  • Adhering to a well-devised content posting schedule
  • Interacting with your followers, including responding to Instagram comments and DMs
  • Setting up your Instagram store (if you’re in e-commerce) or mentioning products that you promote (influencer partnerships)
  • Optimizing your Instagram page to reflect a streamlined aesthetic and consistent brand image

These are some of the things you should turn your attention to when you buy Instagram followers.

After all, this purchase is a supplement to your account, not a be-all end-all. It’s not going to give you a magic answer, but it can help you to increase your efforts and grow consistently over time.


Still wondering if you should buy Instagram followers? Here are some of the most common questions to help put your mind at ease and lead you to the best decision for your Instagram profile.

Is It Safe to Buy Instagram Followers?

It can be, but it really depends on the company you work with.

All different social media platforms are aware of the services out there that offer followers and engagements for the platform, and while they can’t stomp them out altogether, there are different policies in place to deter from behavior that harms the integrity of the platform.

After all, if everyone could just buy the follower count they needed, what would that mean for the future of these social media networks?

Instagram is no different, and arguably has some of the most stringent policies when it comes to the way a user interacts with the platform.

That means it’s harder to find social media services that can work for IG growth.

For instance, if you have a service that claims to work through mass engagements, it’s probably best that you look the other way. You can get your Instagram account blocked or banned for surpassing daily set engagement limits.

This is another reason why many services have simply closed down: they can’t work with Instagram’s terms of use.

It’s possible to keep your account safe when you buy Instagram followers, but you just have to work with a company that will protect your personal information, follow the rules of Instagram, and not mess anything up.

Does Buying Instagram Followers work?

Buying Instagram followers can certainly work if you follow the tips we’ve laid out for you in this post.

Unfortunately not every company has your best interest in mind, and not all of them are going to provide you with the results you need to be successful.

In fact, some may take your money and not even complete your order. In those cases, no, buying Instagram followers doesn’t work.

However, if you buy from a reputable company that knows what they’re doing, such as the ones on this list, you can certainly see some valuable results when you buy Instagram followers.

It’s not uncommon for companies to offer you delivery over the course of a few days, especially those that offer larger packages or interaction-based services.

So, don’t panic if you don’t see your full purchase right away. You may need to wait for your order to be completed over a period of time.

Stay in the know and make sure to contact the company’s support team if you have any questions about your order fulfillment or results.

What Is the Best Place to Buy Real Instagram Followers?

It’s not the easiest question since there are just so many options out there, and many of those options will deliver lackluster results.

The purpose of the above list is to help you to identify the companies that will work for you as opposed to those that will end up wasting your investment.

Companies like Thunderclap, Ampya, Growthsilo, and others on the above list all have their own unique methods to help you captivate your target audience and get high quality Instagram followers that will help your profile grow over time.

While it’s important to have a lot of followers on social media, Instagram included, it’s not the only metric that’s important nowadays.

You can buy Instagram followers to boost your numbers, but you’ll still need to put out great content so that people will want to engage with you.

This is why we recommend that you avoid any companies that work with mass engagement strategies or provide fake/bot followers. Having this type of follower will hurt your account and also make it harder to understand your Instagram analytics.

You won’t see any engagement, so you won’t be able to truly understand what type of content is performing well. This could lead to poor strategy or even a loss of followers on Instagram in the long term.

Can You Really Buy Real Active Instagram Followers?

The opportunity is out there, but it comes scarcely. Few companies can actually deliver on their promises to provide real Instagram followers.

That said, there are a few companies that can offer you active Instagram followers, which is ultimately what you want to go for.

These companies may work according to different strategies, including:

  • Analyzing your profile to understand your target audience
  • Supply followers from an internal network of real followers
  • Promote your content with influencers or giveaways
  • Interact with IG users based on your targeting instructions

These are some of the most common methods that social media growth companies will use to grow your following. Instagram is no different, and this has been the proven method for third party apps that help you get more followers.

However, you should always do some digging into the company before you decide to work with them. If you notice a bunch of buzzwords with little insight into who the company is and how they work, they are likely just a smokescreen.

Work with companies that back up their packages, provide support, explain services clearly for best results.

How Do You Get 10k Followers on Instagram?

You can buy Instagram followers and get 10k followers pretty quickly, but if you’re focused more on the long game that will help you to build 10k more followers, then it’s vital that you pay attention to your Instagram strategies.

Any IG growth company or follower purchase will certainly help you, but there are some key action items that you cannot ignore if you really want to see success on Instagram.

These are just a few of the things that you need to turn your attention to immediately:

Content Offering: Instagram was born as a visual platform to share photo content, and that hasn’t changed. In fact, it’s only gotten stronger.

Of course you will find text on Instagram, but visual captivation is essential if you want to have a strong following on Instagram.

You need to understand the type of content that your audience wants to see; know which content pillars get you the most engagement, and build your strategy around that.

One fatal flaw is to only post what you think is cool, ignoring the action and reception of your followers. Give the people what they want!

In addition, Instagram has expanded the type of content that you can post far beyond a single photo. You need to incorporate these content formats into your strategy, creating:

  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram reels
  • Instagram carousel posts
  • Instagram live broadcasts
  • IGTV
  • Shoppable Posts
  • Guides

These are the main types of content that you can post on Instagram currently, but you never know what’s around the corner. Keep your content well-rounded and give your followers something to keep coming back for.

This is a non-negotiable whether you buy Instagram followers or not.

Profile Optimization: Your profile is the first thing that any visitor to your profile will see. It has to be impeccable.

Keep it fun, professional, or any other adjectives you’d use to describe your brand or personal brand.

Make sure that your Instagram username is connected to your brand and not too confusing or difficult to remember. People may love your stuff but never be able to find you again.

In addition, plan your profile aesthetics, bio, Instagram story highlight album covers, and filters to align in a way that shows your personality and captures the attention of viewers.

When you put a lot of thought into these elements, you’ll be more likely to increase your current number of followers.

Captioning and Hashtags: a picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the opportunity to use them in captions and hashtags!

Captions can make your content more relatable to those who are seeing it, and it will also give deeper insight into the story of your post as well as your unique voice.

Does that mean you need to write a novel for each post? Of course not! Short and sweet captions can also be just as effective. Just don’t ignore them and make them intentional.

Targeted hashtags should also be included in your captions, and you must always include a call to action.

Do you want people to comment on your post? Mention a friend? Share to story? Make a purchase or click the shopping tags?

Tell them what to do! Don’t let them off the hook. When you include a call to action such as “double tap if…” you can motivate your followers to do something more than just keep scrolling.

Giveaways: If your main goal is to get more Instagram followers, you should definitely consider hosting a giveaway or a contest.

Giveaways are great because people love to get free stuff, and you can increase the number of followers and engagement at the same time by requiring users to follow you, like your post, comment, and even share to stories to gain entry to the giveaway.

Contests can also be effective because you can push people to create stuff and then share it on your page, getting organic user-generated content (shown to get more engagement), and you will also generate engagement by having users vote for their favorite.

Prizes also help too.

In any case, these creative ways are ideas that will push engagement and build your follower count on Instagram.

If you feel you don’t have a big enough audience to do one on your own, you could look for an account to partner with that has a large portion of your preferred audience as followers.

Working together, you can harness the power of their audience and both of you will benefit from the contest, gaining more followers and engagement.

Giveaways aren’t something you can do on the regular, but you can use them now and then to double or even triple your followers in one go.

How Do You Get a Blue Tick on Instagram Legally?

The verified badge on Instagram is highly sought after, and it’s not the easiest thing to achieve. Even people with hundreds of thousands of followers still use Instagram without one, so what’s the deal?

For instance, Diana Rantamaki is well known for her funny and creative videos that use the Big Head filter, and she is widely supported, with 612k followers.

Even still, she doesn’t have the verified badge! Why not?

Well, the whole idea behind account verification is to make sure that there aren’t any Instagram accounts out there that are trying to take the personality of someone else. The goal is so that people can identify the true account.

Famous actors, personalities, musicians, TV shows, politicians, and more are so widely discussed and supported that tons of fan accounts pop up, which would make it difficult to know which account represents the real person without these verified badges.

Thus, only accounts represented by noteworthy businesses or individuals will receive a blue checkmark, making them even more coveted.

At the end of the day, though, it’s a simple process if you want to get verified on Instagram, and anyone can complete it, but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be approved.

One thing that is a non-negotiable to become verified is to be notable, which means that there is clear proof that the public is interested in you. There is no set number of followers that you have to have in order to get verified.

What Instagram wants to see is that people out there know your name, they care about you, and you are highly searched for.

In addition to this, your profile will need to be complete with a profile photo, at least one post, public, and authentic.

No fan accounts or secondary accounts will ever become verified.

You can apply for Instagram verification by navigating to Settings > Account > Request Verification in the Instagram app.

Should I Buy Instagram Followers for My Account?

If you want more followers but aren’t sure if you should buy them, you can do some simple tests to see if you like the idea or not.

Many companies that you can get Instagram followers from offer small packages that you could buy at a reasonable price to get a feel for the type of results that are to come.

Even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll at least get a few new followers that will boost your profile intermittently.

If you’re looking to work with an Instagram growth service that will help you get organic followers, many of them offer either a free trial or a money-back guarantee so you can see how many Instagram followers you’ll get when you use their services and then make a final decision.

All in all, the most important thing is to make sure that you are getting quality followers, and if not, take quick action to stop using the service and make another decision.

Not all companies can offer authentic Instagram followers, which is why sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to see which one will work best for you.

Can I use Instagram Ads to get more Insta followers?

If you haven’t noticed lately, the Instagram community is chock full of ads. You can’t scroll through your newsfeed without seeing at least a few, so you may be wondering, are paid ads on Instagram a good way to gain followers?

Unlike Facebook, IG Ads doesn’t offer the same option to boost your profile to get more followers, but using them can help you to build an audience of real Instagram followers that care about what you post.

How many followers can you get through IG Ads?

This is a bit of a guessing game, and it depends a lot on the quality of your Ad, but regardless, you can certainly get the attention of more Instagram users when you use the paid feature.

Not only that, you can use Instagram stories to create ads as well, so you have a variety of opportunities when it comes to using Ads on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it– the tell-all guide to buying Instagram followers. While it can be difficult to navigate all of the social media growth companies out there, weeding through the bad stuff can get you to valuable services that will help your overall strategy.

The key thing to remember is that you need to buy real Instagram followers, or work with a service that can get you organic followers, something that many of the companies on the list above can help with.

Again, buying Instagram followers is not the quick-fix solution that will gain you Instagram fame, but it’s more of an addition to your Instagram strategy that can save you time and allow you to focus on other things that matter to your account.



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