Inflact Review 2022 – Is It Legit For Real Instagram Growth

inflact review

TLDR: Thunderclap is the best option when it comes to buying Instagram followers. You can view my in depth review of Thunderclap here.

Tired of spending hours of your own personal time trying to grow your Instagram??

Even more tired of spending hours just to see little or no results?

You’re not alone.

Instagram is a hugely popular social media platform, and the competition for attention proves it. It’s not easy to carve out your place on the app and beat those going up against you.

Practically every niche, even the most obscure, are saturated, and you’ll need to devote your energy in setting yourself apart.

This is where Instagram growth tools can come in handy; you can save yourself a lot of time by using one. The question is, which one(s).

There’s certainly no debate that not all Instagram growth services are created equal, so that means you’ve got to do some digging and research to understand which ones can truly benefit you.

Inflact is a popular Instagram bot that aims to help you automate your Instagram growth.

You may have seen their service around and wondered if it’s safe and effective to use.

After all, these days, Instagram bots like Inflact are often synonymous with scams.

Can tools like Inflact that use automation to help you grow your account really make a difference when it comes to sustained Instagram growth?

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This is one question that our in-depth Inflact review will answer for you. We’ve tested inflact extensively so you don’t have to.

We will also touch on who inflact is, how effective their services are, pricing, services and tools offered, and more.

Let’s get started!

Who is Inflact?

who is inflact (previously ingramer)

Inflact is an Instagram growth service that offers a wide range of tools and services to help you fortify your Instagram presence.

The main growth component is their Instagram bot, and that will be our main focus of this Inflact review.

We will touch on other tools and services that Inflact provides later in the article.

One important thing to know about Inflact is that the company was previously branded as Ingramer.

inflact was originally ingramer

As Ingramer, they offered very similar services to what they now offer as Inflact.

Inflact has since expanded their offering to not only include an Instagram bot but also different Instagram tools and optimizations for planning content, scheduling, hashtags, and more.

You may be wondering, why was the Ingramer name changed?

Well, the likely reason is that the name included the term gram. Instagram holds a copyright on this term, as well as Insta and IG.

Wanting to separate the business from this term may be one of the reasons that Inflact changed their branding.

A more worrisome reason could be that Ingramer’s services weren’t working correctly and the company wanted to separate themselves from the failed nature of their previous services as Ingramer.

There isn’t much information out there about it, and Inflact doesn’t address this issue at any point on their website, which is a bit of a letdown.

In any case, Inflact Instagram growth services are still available and there are tons of information to sift through on their website.

Inflact brands themself as a “top-rated bot for Instagram” on their homepage, and they offer you three different Instagram growth services right from the start: Audience, Clients, and Content.

These services can be accessed from the service menu, where they are called Promo, Direct, and Posting. Why the different names are unclear.

Let’s dive deeper into their Audience/Promo services and find out if these services are effective in growing your Instagram account.

Does Inflact Work?

Determining if any Instagram bot works can be a quite complex process.

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The main reason for this is because there are so many factors that can affect the results that a client receives.

But, in a nutshell, Inflact works to a certain extent. If you’re hoping Inflact is going to boost you to the follower count of Kylie Jenner, you’ll likely be disappointed.

It’s not uncommon for services like Inflact to amp up their product offering and do a lot of big talking, only later to disappoint their clients with much more humble results.

The premise of Inflact Instagram growth services is that their smart AI system, AKA, Instagram automation, will engage with your followers which is how it grows your account.

Because of this natural interaction method, Inflact can’t guarantee that you’re going to receive followers. This is mentioned in the Inflact FAQ down below.

In terms of how quickly you’ll see results, it does take a while. It’s nowhere near as fast as one would hope.

During the research phase for this Inflact review, we realized one thing…

Promotion does take time, and not only that, the quality of your content is vital for success with Inflact.

The reason for this is that Inflact uses the natural interaction method listed above. That means any users they attract will check out your profile and determine on their own if they want to follow you or not.

If you don’t have a strong content strategy, a cohesive brand image, and an appealing Instagram profile, it won’t matter who Inflact brings to your profile— you’re not going to see any growth.

Inflact will take you around 7 minutes to set up and get started on your first campaign. We’ll walk you through that later.

In the Inflact FAQ, you can find information about how many followers you should expect. 250 per month seems to be their max based on the information there.

Unfortunately, they seem to mislead people on their website; the promo page states something different.

There is a section that says Get in one month with a graphic below it that shows 25k likes and 2k followers.

That is not what it says in the Inflact FAQ, nor is it the experience that we had.

Don’t fall for the big promises— you have to stay realistic about what you’ll actually receive when working with Inflact.

Is Inflact a Scam?

No, Inflact isn’t a scam. You pay for a service, and they provide it.

That said, there is still a lot of work that you’ll have to do on your own to ensure you get results.

Many people think that using an Instagram bot or even the best Instagram growth tools will be an instant solution with no commitment on their end.

That simply isn’t true.

As we mentioned above, you’ll need to develop a strong Instagram content strategy, posting schedule, captioning, and many other elements if you want to see success when using Inflact.

Not only that, when you use an Instagram growth service, you’ll need to connect your Instagram account, ensure that connection doesn’t get broken, as well as fill out your targeting instructions.

You’ll also need to consider what different Inflact services you choose to use (Promo, Direct, and/or Posting) and how those will affect your results.

If you know the ins and outs of an Instagram bot, you’ll be able to effectively set up your Inflact service to bring in the best results possible.

If not, you’ll be left in the dark wondering why you’re hardly getting any followers when you had expected to see high levels of growth.

The main takeaway here is that no, Inflact isn’t a scam, but there are many factors that will influence the actual results you receive and they certainly aren’t the same for everyone.

How to Set Up Your Instagram Account on Inflact

how to sign up for inflact

There are a couple different steps to get your Instagram account set up with Inflact.

The first thing you’ll need to do is create an account with Inflact.

Once you do that, you’ll come to the account check page so that Inflact can confirm you meet the account requirements.

This includes that you verified your email, phone, that you have a public account, that you have at least 12 photos, and that your posts were uploaded at a minimum of 14 days ago.

Once you meet the requirements, you can confirm your membership. Select the modules and service options you want here.

inflact account setup

The VPN comes next. Connection issues are common with Instagram bots because Instagram has different security measures in place.

For this reason, you’ll need a VPN so that your Instagram has the same source data when Inflact logs in.

Inflact recommends that you use theirs. It costs $7 for 2 weeks, $10 monthly, or $20 for every three months in addition to the services you’ve selected.

After your Instagram account is connected, you’re ready to set up the campaign. This includes things like adjusting your activities, targeting your audience, setting daily limits, and enabling filters.

When that is done, your account will be ready to grow and Inflact will begin working.

You can track the results by using their analytic tools and data reporting.

Inflact Key Features

Inflact’s Promo service has a variety of key features that make them an attractive option as an Instagram bot.

Auto Like + Auto Follow

Inflact asserts that they perform 1250 or more actions per day. This sounds great, but it may or may not be true for your account.

Instagram sets daily engagement limits and if you surpass them, your account will be restricted or blocked.

It’s unlikely with the current restrictions that Inflact can actually perform that many actions on any given Instagram account.

The engagement limit is something that you’ll never be able to verify; Instagram uses this on the back end without disclosing it to the user.

Therefore, such high interactions on a daily basis make Inflact a bit of a risk.

We didn’t encounter any issues with surpassing the daily engagement limits, which is why we’re apt to believe they don’t come anywhere close to that number.

Smart Unfollow

Because Inflact implements the follow method, you’ll see that you end up with a lot of followed accounts.

This can actually be a negative thing for your profile; ideally, you’ll have more accounts following you than you are following.

Using an automated follow service for Instagram growth often inflates the number of accounts you follow, which can actually decrease your reputation.

People see that you are following many accounts and think you’re only interacting with them for the sake of getting followers.

Inflact implements smart unfollow to minimize this impact and help to keep your account clean, which is a plus.

Detailed Statistics

You’ll be able to easily understand your results on Inflact with visual data to track your growth.

Auto Posting

Auto posting is a valuable time saver and can ensure that your content goes out at the optimal posting times.

You can plan ahead and give your content strategy the best chance for success when you take advantage of an Instagram scheduling tool.

Full Control Targeting and Advanced Filters

As we mentioned above, Inflact’s bot and your results depend heavily on the targeting that you provide them with.

You need to narrow the targeting filters and settings to ensure that you’re coming into contact with the right accounts— ones that are likely to care about content like yours and follow you back.

Inflact offers you different advanced targeting filters and gives you full control of the target settings to make that happen.

It’d be better if they gave you some guidance, but at least you have options if you have a strong knowledge of what to target.

Money-Back Guarantee

Inflact offers a money-back guarantee, clearly stating that they’ll return your money if the service doesn’t work for you.

On the refund and cancellation page, their language is alarming— they say “if you think you are eligible for a refund” you can contact support.

If they offer a money-back guarantee, what eligibility would you need to get a refund?

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Quite contradictory. The refund process according to this page will take between 3-4 weeks.

Inflact Services: Promo, Direct, and Posting

In this section of our Inflact review, we’ll dive into the different service offerings. There are three— Promo, Direct, and Posting.

They can be used individually or in conjunction for better results.

Inflact Promo

inflact promo

To this point, we’ve been discussing the Promo services in detail, but let’s reiterate briefly.

The Inflact Promo service employs an Instagram bot to perform auto engagements, helping you reach your target audience and build your followers.

inflact promo features

Inflact Direct

inflact direct DM

The Direct service from Inflact will automate your Instagram DMs so that you can engage with new followers and send mass DMs to existing followers.

There are controls that allow you to automate responses by adding trigger phrases and shortcuts.

This can be a valuable tool when used correctly, but beware— you run the risk of sounding overly generic or robotic.

inflact direct labels

Because authenticity is such a key component of Instagram success, this may turn a potential client off and ruin your deal.

If implemented in the right way, you can streamline your workflow and save time with repetitive questioning or concerns in your DMs.

Inflact Posting

inflact posting

The final of the 3 main services offered by Inflact is their Posting service. This is a post planner that will help you schedule Instagram content.

You can plan Instagram posts and stories for up to 10 accounts at once via the Inflact dashboard.

You’re able to add photos, vidoes, carousels, or stories. Then, you’ll add in your caption/hashtags, any relevant locations, and set the date and time when you’d like your post to be published.

There’s also a draft feature where you can keep drafts in the system and edit them when you’re ready.

Inflact Pricing

inflact pricing

Inflact has different pricing models depending on what services you want to utilize.

You can select as many or as few as you’d like, and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

The Promo Instagram bot service is available for a trial of $9 for a two week period, and after that the standard pricing comes into effect.

Inflact offers clients 3 different payment timeframes— biweekly, monthly, and every 3 months.

In the next sections of our Inflact review, we will examine all of the options available.

Biweekly Pricing

If you’re only looking at using the Promo service, the cost is $37 per two weeks.

The Direct service costs $19 per two weeks, the Posting service costs $12, and the hashtag generator costs $14.

That means if you want to use the full functionality of Inflact, you’re looking at $82 every two weeks.

Monthly, you’ll pay $23 per account, and for 3 months you’ll pay $42.

Monthly Pricing

Monthly, the Promo service costs $57, so you’ll save $17 over the biweekly option.

The Direct service costs $29 monthly, the Posting service costs $18, and the hashtag generator costs $23.

All services will run you $129 on a monthly basis.

3-Month Pricing

The final pricing option for Inflact is on a 3-month basis.

The Promo service costs $144, the Direct service $74, Posting $46, and the hashtag generator $42. Total, you’re looking at $307 every three months.

You can pick and choose which service modules you’d like; for instance, if you just want Promo and hashtags, you can select those two only for your subscription and the pricing will adjust accordingly.

Extras: Inflact Tools

In addition to the Instagram growth services provided through the Inflact modules, you can also access different Instagram tools through them as well.

This includes free tools such as a profile analyzer, Instagram downloader, and fonts, in addition to a paid hashtag tool.

Let’s briefly examine what you can expect from each of Inflact’s tools.


inflact hashtag generator

The hashtag tool will help you to find the right hashtags for your posts to optimize reach naturally.

You can generate hashtags by keyword, photo, or URL. The results are broken down by frequent hashtags, average hashtags, and rare hashtags.

That is very useful considering you don’t want to use hashtags that are too popular; it will minimize the amount of reach your content gets because it is likely to be pushed down in the feed.

We were able to use the hashtag generator for free on the website for two searches.

If you want more, you’ll have to pay for the hashtag membership add-on as we mentioned above in the pricing section of our Inflact review.

Profile Analyzer

The profile analyzer that Inflact provides will allow you to take a look at the statistics of any public Instagram profile.

This tool is free, and you’ll have access to information like how many uploads the account has, how many posts per day, week, and month, as well as engagement and user activity stats.

You’ll also see details such as when the account posts most frequently, the most popular post times, most commented posts, top caption words, and users’ interest based on post topic.

Inflact’s profile analyzer is comprehensive and can help you do valuable research into your competition.

Instagram Downloader

inflact instagram downloader

Another free tool offered by Inflact, the Instagram downloader will allow you to download content from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch.

In order to download the media, you’ll need to input the link to the content and then click Search. You can then download.

Keep in mind that the account must be public or it will not work.


inflact caption font generator

The final of the four Instagram tools offered by Inflact is the fonts generator.

Input text into the box and you’ll be able to copy the text in a variety of different fonts.

This can help add extra personality to your Instagram bio and captions.

All in all, the tools that Inflact provides can be useful and help you with your Instagram growth.

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Instead of looking at Inflact as just another of many Instagram growth services, you could take advantage of these tools on their own as a supplement to your own growth or content strategy.

Inflact Frequently Asked Questions

inflact FAQ

You may still have a couple questions about Inflact and if they’re one of the best Instagram growth services or not.

In this section of our Inflact review, we’re going to address some commonly-asked questions that can help you make that determination.

Does Inflact help me grow my Instagram organically?

Inflact implements a bot to interact with users on your behalf. This makes their method of growth organic.

Instagram growth services that work through interaction methods are considered organic tools to boost your Instagram follower count and hopefully engagement as well.

How soon will I see results with Inflact?

Inflact literally says that they “don’t promise your Instagram will explode with followers within hours.”

Their latest trials estimate you can get 200 real followers within your first month.

If you’re getting 3k followers a year, you’re only going to get a max of 3k followers per year.

That simply isn’t enough to make a big impact on your Instagram growth.

Does Inflact offer a free trial?

Inflact allows you to test out certain features for free, such as the Auto Posting (3 free posts), Auto Direct (10 free messages), and the Hashtag Generator (3 free searches).

Other than that, you’ll have to pay to use their Instagram bot at a reduced rate of $9 per month.

Is Inflact expensive?

Inflact does certainly add up. With so many modules to select if you want to take advantage of all of their features, it becomes quite pricey.

On top of that, they need you to use a VPN with their services, so that’s another added expense.

When considering some of the best Instagram growth services out there, Inflact is one of the more expensive if you want the full experience.

Can I cancel my Inflact account at any time?

Yes, you can cancel inflact through the dashboard under the My Subs menu. There is an unsubscribe button there.

Be sure to cancel before your next billing cycle; otherwise you’ll be billed, and there’s not much you can do about it.

Inflact Review Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Best Instagram Growth Tools

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9/10Visit Site

At the end of the day, the sheer quantity of Instagram tools that Inflact offers means that at least one of them can be beneficial for your Instagram growth.

In terms of their Promo package and their Instagram growth services via bot interactions, we’re not convinced that it’s the best option for long term growth.

Unfortunately, Instagram automation isn’t as effective as it used to be due to the heavy restrictions and security measures in place by Instagram.

You’re likely to notice very minimal interactions, slow growth, and perhaps none at all.

This may be because your Instagram strategy isn’t solid enough, but chances are that Inflact’s services simply can’t provide the necessary engagements to get you noticed.

Inflact straight up says that you can expect maybe 200 followers a month. 3,000 Instagram followers per year just isn’t enough.

Other tools they offer, such as their Posting module, profile analyzer, and hashtag generator are all viable ways to enhance your Instagram strategy.

You can ensure your content goes out at the right time, you’ll know what the competition is up to, get inspired, as well as find the most effective hashtags to reach your target audience.

We hope our Inflact review was helpful in assessing their services and determining if they’re right for you.

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