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Social media engagement is extremely important, and Instagram is no exception. Likes, comments, shares, and DMs are all vital for a healthy Instagram presence.

Whether you’re just getting started or have been on the platform for a while, you’re probably well aware that you need likes on your content to see big results. is a one stop destination for IG likes, offering different packages that will not only help you to boost your engagement but perhaps even grow your account with followers and views.

Are they one of the best Instagram growth tools that can actually help your Instagram? Or are they another service that just throws you likes from fake profiles?

In this review, our goal is to answer that and more.

We tested to find out who they are, how it works, what they offer, and will also discuss some common questions revolving around their services.

By the end of this review, you will have a good idea about whether they are the right Instagram growth service for your engagement needs. Review – A Lazy Man’s Summary

Before we jump into the details, we’re going to give you a quick overview about what we loved and what we think can improve on.

Let’s check out their pros and cons:

  • Fast service
  • Confusing pricing
  • Low-Quality likes
  • Disappointing customer service
  • Quick drop in likes
  • Fake likes

TLDR: Thunderclap is the best option when it comes to buying Instagram followers. You can view my in depth review of Thunderclap here.

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What is is an Instagram engagement tool that works to help you fortify your likes on the platform.

Instagram likes are the ultimate icon of success for content– if you have a lot of Instagram likes, you become more credible and desirable.

After all, whose post are you going to be more attracted to, one that has 50 likes, or one with 500,000?

This is the simple idea of social proof– you’ll be able to pull in more followers when your content appears to be desirable by others.

It makes new users viewing your content feel confident in what you post and interested in seeing more.

Because many people are interested in social media marketing, growing an engaged and loyal following is vital to strong brand awareness, lead building, and ultimately conversion. aims to help users achieve these goals by offering automatic likes, bulk like packages, as well as the chance to buy Instagram followers and views.

If you were hoping to grow your presence on other major social media platforms with, unfortunately you may be disappointed. services are only available for IG, which could be good if you want a company that is laser-focused on bringing you real Instagram followers and real engagement.

In the next section of our review, we’ll examine how exactly they aim to do that.

How Does Work? is a very simple service. Upon visiting their secure https website, you’ll see the different package options:

  • Buy likes
  • Buy auto likes
  • buy followers

If you look at the top menu, you’ll see the same options with the addition of Buy Instagram Views.

After you’ve decided what you want to buy and complete the checkout process, that’s when will get to work. how it works main page claims to deliver you targeted, real Instagram followers with quick delivery.

Your order will be quickly process and you’ll start to see your numbers going up.

This is basically how their other packages work as well, with the exception of Instagram autolikes.

You’ll get Instagram likes for your content once it goes live.

Through auto detection, will deliver the likes to any new content on your Instagram account. how it works auto likes

We wish that they were more detailed about exactly what users can expect when they place their order.

Other similar websites go more in depth about how the growth services provides only real followers and how the smart targeting works.

With, there is minimal to no setup in regard to this, which we would like to see more of.

In the next section of our review, let’s examine how to set up your package.

TLDR: Thunderclap is the best option when it comes to buying Instagram followers. You can view my in depth review of Thunderclap here.

Best Alternatives Rating Visit Site 9.5/10 Visit Site
Ampya 9/10 Visit Site

How to Set up

There’s a Get Started button at the top right, but it will just take you back to the main page.

You’ll need to first choose the type of Instagram package you want to buy (likes, autolikes, followers, or views), and then you can select the quantity and begin the checkout process.

Let’s say you’d like to buy Instagram followers.

On that page, you’ll be able to select the type of followers, either high quality followers or premium followers.

Then, choose the quantity, and click buy now.

You’ll then complete the checkout process and your order will get started. checkout offers a dashboard that will allow you to see more information about the delivery of your package, the status of your order, as well as any active subscriptions you have.

You’ll also be able to view your profile information and any billing information. dashboard

There are a variety of methods available in the payment process, so it’s good that you can see how you paid and make any adjustments within this dashboard.

Ready to find out more about the features available to help you grow your Instagram profile? Read on to the next section of our review. Review: Features

As with any other company that will help you to get more Instagram followers and engagements, comes with a variety of impressive features.

Let’s dig deeper to see just how well they deliver on their promises.

Instant Delivery describes instant delivery on all of their package pages.

The delivery is free, and they also mention that you can get gradual or instant delivery.

This likely indicates that for larger packages, you’ll see your followers drip in over time.

In order to keep your account safe, it’s a general rule for companies like this to send over your followers and likes over time.

This is because if you get too many followers or likes all at once, your profile is at risk of being flagged by Instagram.

It helps to build your profile in a safe and secure way.

No Password Required

You don’t need to provide your password to get services from, which is a big deal for some people.

Other Instagram growth services that offer organic followers and engagements will need to take action on your behalf, using manual likes and follows to boost your account.

Because does everthing internally, they can provide you with followers and likes with no password needed, as long as your profile is not set to private.

Customer Support offers a few different places where you can access their support team. The main area would be through the Support tab on the dashboard for your account.

Here you can open a ticket to address any issues you may have; it will tell you the subject, the date you submitted it, and the current status. create ticket

You can also reaach out to the support team at the bottom of the page. contact us

Clicking on this link will bring you to the Contact Us page, where you can contact via email or via live chat. The live chat option isn’t too quick, however.

We reached out to them there and they were unavailable each time. The response that you’ll get from the live chat will ultimately be a redirect to be contacted via email. live chat

The good news is that you have different areas to contact support, which is beneficial if you need some help; being able to see the status on the dashboard is also a plus. Common Questions

Not everyone wants to spend time writing to a support team, so can also help you via their FAQ pages.

You can find FAQ pages on each respective service page that look similar to what you’ll find in the below photo. page FAQ

For a more detailed look at various questions, service functions, and more, you can visit the main page where you can find a total of 18 questions and responses.

Things like refill policies, whether or not your Instagram account needs to be public, and what risks are involved are just a couple of questions you can get answered via the main page FAQ. main page FAQ

An even more detailed FAQ is available on the support page, so they do a good job in providing more information that some other sites with similar services.

Active Instagram Accounts confirms that all of their promotional services for Instagram will offer you real followers that can help you with your performance against the Instagram algorithm.

Buying followers for Instagram can be tricky, especially because many companies simply can provide organic followers that will help you with long term growth.

If you check out other websites for similar services, they offer the same type of promises. isn’t different in this regard, so it just comes down to your niche and target audience, as well as testing the service to see if it works for your particular account.

If you have a local business or need a very specific type of follower for your profile, it might be better to check out a few other options before you work with

We’d love to see more information on how they grow your account, as well as the difference between high quality followers and premium followers, something that you won’t see much detail on.

Reaching out to the customer support team to ask these detailed questions is something that we recommend if you’re uncertain.

Real Growth

If your goal is to get to the explore page, it’s not a secret that you’ll need a healthy balance of Instagram followers as well as engagement.

The IG algorithm will gage the success of your content through how many engagements it gets, so when you have a lot of likes, comments, shares, and saves, it can help you with your Instagram growth.

It’s also important for social media marketing– no one is going to support your profile or content if you have minimal followers and engagement. claims to help you with real Instagram growth, and if you buy packages for likes, views, and followers, you will have a more well-rounded presence on the platform overall. Pricing

Overall, is a good service in the sense that you can pay safely, and they offer different prices depending on what type of package you opt for.

Whether or not you choose their premium options will also impact the price point.

Their payment gateways are secure and encrypted so you’ll always be safe, and they use a USD operating system to keep things simple for many around the world.

Let’s take a look at how much will cost you.

Instagram Likes

Likes packages start off at the minimum quantity of 50 likes and go up from there. You’ll save money depending on how many you buy.

You can get as many as 30k high quality likes and up to 10k premium likes from, and these packages can be split across multiple posts.

The cost of premium likes are more than double when compared to the cost of high quality likes, but as you buy more, you’ll get a discount.

50 high-quality likes will cost you $1.47, and 50 premium likes will cost you $3.49.

premium likes

High quality likes are from real people, and premium likes are from real active people according to the package options.

Instagram Auto Likes

Packages start at 50 autolikes and go up to 10k. Prices range from $9.99 to $1199.99.

autolikes pricing

Instagram Followers

High quality followers start at 100 for $2.97 and increase up to 25k for $279.99.

Premium followers start at $3.95 for 100 and increase up to $299.99 for 25k. There isn’t as big of a difference with followers as you can see with likes. follower prices

Instagram Views

Finally, you can get high-quality Instagram views starting at $1.99 for 500, going up to a max of 10m views for $799.97.

When you select the toggle for premium views, both toggles come on and the pricing remains the same, which leads us to believe they don’t offer premium views. Instagram views price

Is Legit? is a legitimate company in the sense that you will pay for a service, and they will provide it. The prices are also affordable, so there’s not much to complain about there.

That said, the quality of the followers and engagements that you’ll gain from is where there is a bit of a gray area.

The positive reviews on the website indicate nothing but success. You always have to wonder if these are real reviews or fortified by the social media growth company itself. reviews

Unfortunately, there are not many other reviews out there on the web for comparison, not even negative reviews.

The only one that we could find from Sitejabber was not positive.

This customer review addressed the retention rate of followers as well as the fact that they didn’t receive even a fraction of the likes that they purchased. review sitejabber

There was no mention of fake followers because the reviewer only purchased likes, but we’d love to see more information out there from real people who have used the service.

All in all, seems to be a fairly new company, and also partners with to provide what they call real growth on their website.

This is a sponsored partnership, so we’re not sure the connection there. links out to this service on their Buy Instagram Followers page. sponsored by

Is Safe? is a safe service that offers a secure https website, and a secure payment gateway. These are two features that are vital if you’re going to use a company to help build your social media accounts.

What’s more, they don’t require your password, so this will also keep your account safe. Thus, there are various security measures that can help protect your Instagram account. Review FAQs

Still have some questions about the Instagram growth service that provides?

Here we’ll answer a few that we’ve heard quite a few times.

How does work? is an Instagram growth service that brings you more followers, likes, and views at affordable prices.

You choose the package you want, and will send it to you either instantly or over time.

You can track your orders through their Instagram growth dashboard, helping you to manage everything in one place.

How long does it take to see results? offers both instant delivery as well as gradual delivery, so it depends on the pacakge size that you order.

In addition, automatic likes will detect your most recent uploads and be delivered after they’re running in the quantity that you selected.

Does comply with Instagram rules? complies with Instagram rules in the sense that they don’t use mass engagement for Instagram growth.

The only thing you may notice is that Instagram removes some of the followers/engagements because they are flagged as fake. Instagram regularly sweeps the platform and deletes fake accounts.

Where does get likes? claims to search for likes that are highly targeted to your account, but considering the amount of money you pay for the service and the absence of any targeting instruction, we don’t believe this to be the case.

You will still be provided likes, but they won’t be as targeted as wants you to believe.

They likely have a network of accounts that they use to provide likes to their clients.

Can I divide the likes across multiple posts?

Yes, the good news is that when you buy a package of likes, regardless of the quantity, you can divide them across as many as 10 Instagram posts.

Does offer follower replenishment?

In their FAQ, claims to provide follower replenishment every 24 hours, which shows that they do experience drops.

What is refund policy?

There is no way to get a refund once you have received your order from What’s more, there is no guarantee that will protect your purchase.

Other growth services do offer a broader refund and guarantee policy, so this is one area where could improve.

Can I cancel likes I bought from

Once like likes/followers/views are on your Instagram profile, you won’t be able to cancel them.

Also, once your order is placed with, you won’t be able to cancel it, either.

If you no longer want followers that you got from, you’ll have to remove them yourself. Likes or views will stay there because you can’t remove them.

Does offer a free trial?

Unfortunately doesn’t offer a free trial, but you can check out their services with very little money upfront when you choose one of their smallest packages.

This is a good way to test things out and see if they can really work to grow your social presence on Instagram in a meaningful way.

Is organic Instagram growth?

While does claim to provide you with real followers and engagements, it’s not considered an organic Instagram growth service.

They don’t interact with your specific target audience based on the filters you provide; in fact, they don’t interact with anyone at all on your behalf.

Organic growth only comes through user-motivated actions. That means if an Instagram user follows you on their own free will, that would be considered organic.

If you pay to get you more followers and they send them to your account, this wouldn’t be considered organic.

Some of the top rated growth tools work through organic methods, and it’s often something that people seek from a company that offers promotional services for Instagram.

Can you buy Instagram comments from

Unfortunately, IG comments aren’t available through Pros and Cons

  • Range of packages
  • Options that don’t cost much money
  • Limited targeting
  • Only for Instagram
  • Not organic
  • No trial
  • No refund or guarantee Review: Final Verdict

If you want real, active IG followers, a bit of a hit or miss.

TLDR: Thunderclap is the best option when it comes to buying Instagram followers. You can view my in depth review of Thunderclap here.

Best Alternatives Rating Visit Site 9.5/10 Visit Site
Ampya 9/10 Visit Site

The followers and engagements you get from can help boost numbers, but if you’re looking for long-term growth with users that can help you expand your business profile or boost your conversion, you might not see the results you need.

Plus, it seems that has some fake reviews on their website to make their services look more attractive.

The best alternatives to would be Instagram growth services that focus on engagement and interaction with your target audience.

A growth service such as that only works to provide you followers and likes in bulk will have a tough time getting you real accounts consistently.

Overall, is a legitimate service, but your results could be a mixed bag depending on your particular needs.

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