Nitreo Review – Can It Give You A Boost? Revealing Its Secrets

unbiased nitreo review

Nitreo Review – Quick Recap For The Busy Influencer

Before wasting your time reading this unbiased Nitreo review, I felt it my duty to provide you with the breakdown of Nitreo’s pros and cons.

This table will give you what I think is good (pros) about Nitreo, while labeling what’s bad (cons) about Nitreo:

  • Lots of features
  • Chance of account ban is high
  • Lack of support
  • Confusing to set up
  • Bad brand reviews
  • Monthly subscriptions can’t be canceled

TLDR: Thunderclap is the best option when it comes to buying Instagram followers. You can view my in depth review of Thunderclap here.

Who Is Nitreo?

Nitreo is one of the best Instagram growth tools on the market…

who is nitreo

But, unlike most Instagram growth services, Nitreo helps you with Instagram growth by using automation services, AKA, automation tools.

Think things like following/unfollowing, story viewing, and other actions you’d take to grow your Instagram manually…

But for today’s article where I review Nitreo, we’ll explain how they took these manual actions as inspiration and created one of the more popular Instagram growth service(s) on the market.

Nitreo In The News

Nitreo claims to have been featured in BuzzFeed, the New York Post, Forbes, AdAge, Cosmopolitan, Vaynermedia, and many other big named publishing websites.

nitreo pr

But we couldn’t find any claims for this to be true.

There are no links to these publishers and I couldn’t find anything around the web.

This is not to say that Nitreo is lying here, but that I couldn’t locate these public relations tying Nitreo to these publishers.

How Does Nitreo Work?

As I mentioned before, Nitreo helps you get organic growth (real Instagram growth) automatically.

how nitreo works more in-depth details of how nitreo works

We’ll delve into the features Nitreo offers down below, but in a nutshell here’s what happens:

First, you’ll choose a package from Nitreo (you have two that you can choose from)

These are both monthly recurring subscriptions.

Keep in mind that you can cancel your Nitreo plan at anytime, so don’t worry there.

Once you sign up, you’ll be prompted to connect your Instagram account to the Nitreo platform and set up your account.

With Nitreo, you’re in control of the features that you want to use along with the parameters of those features (more on that later).

Just know that you hold the control when it comes to fast organic growth with Nitreo because they do not do the work for you.

They provide the platform and you provide the effort.

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Nitreo Features

Nitreo has a vast array of features to help you grow your Instagram.

nitreo process after signup

We’ll go deep into detail below, but just know that when you sign up for Nitreo you’re going to have access to the following features:

Auto following/unfollowing, Instagram story viewing, gender filtering, interest based user targeting, smart hashtags & suggestions, location targeting, advanced parameters (settings), and improvement/suggestion advice.

nitreo instructions after sign up

In addition to the main Nitreo features, you’ll also have access to the following:

Comment liking, IG live reactions, along with whitelisting & auto blacklist.


This is the bread and butter feature for most Instgram growth services like Nitreo…

Auto following/unfollowing is the process of using the Nitreo system to automatically follow specific users based on your targeting instructions.

These users will then be unfollowed by the system after a specific time period (that you can control).

There’s also the option of NOT unfollowing, if you want to keep the followers that the system follows for you.

Most auto unfollow tools do not remove any user profiles that the system didn’t follow automatically.

Using auto following/unfollowing definitely correlates to real followers IF used correctly.

following/unfollowing feature

And used correctly I mean:

In order for the Nitreo system to provide you real Instagram growth, you have to provide that system the right targets.

If you provide the wrong targets, then the system will go out and follow the WRONG kind of accounts.

This could potentially mean bot followers.

When you follow bot accounts, they’re automatically designed to follow you back instantly.

Systems like Nitreo require you to do the due-dilience and set up the targeting options the right way.

One thing to note here is this:

It’s ok to target a specific audience you think will perform well.

All you have to do is monitor your results and optimize them should they be giving you subpar Instagram growth.

Instagram Story Viewing

Instagram story view is the next feature Nitreo offers.

While not as effective as auto following, story viewing can be effective to an extent.

instagram story viewing feature

Using the Instagram story viewing feature, while a lot less effective, is also a lot less risky for your account.

Meaning, when using the Instagram story viewing feature, your Instagram account runs less of a risk of being banned.

If you want to buy Instagram followers that will not get your profile banned, then Nitreo wouldn’t be the best place for your Instagram growth.

Gender Filtering

Gender filtering is a great way to use a service like Nitreo to gain followers that are either male or female.

Depending on your account, your Instagram growth might be targeted towards one gender specifically.

gender filtering feature

Automation tools like Nitreo can help your Instagram account find followers that match those gender needs.

One thing Nitreo cannot do is differentiate between gender fluidity (LOL, too soon?)

Interest Based User Targeting

Interest based user targeting is another way of saying that Nitreo helps you by targeting other users.

Just like all the other Instagram growth service(s) out there, Nitreo offers you the ability to target other user’s follower profile.

interest based user targeting feature

That means if you’re in the fitness niche and want to target people like Devinphysique, then you can add his username to the interest based user targeting.

Remember: When using this Nitreo feature, make sure to target user profiles that are similar to yours.

We don’t want to target huge influencers because huge influencers have tons of fake followers.

Using Interest based targeting like this will target any profile within the targeted user’s account.

Meaning, if the user you’re targeting has bot followers, then the Nitreo platform will potentially target those bot followers.

For you, this means you’re going to be engaging with fake followers that automatically follow you back.

This is a great way to get low-quality Instagram growth without finding the target followers your looking for.

In other words, the opposite of growing your Instagram organically.

Smart Hashtags & Suggestions

Just like Interest based user targeting means targeting by specific username(s), the Nitreo smart hashtags & suggestions feature is doublespeak for targeting by hashtags.

smart hashtags & suggestions feature

The first part is the smart hashtags (where you put specific hashtags into the Nitreo automation dashboard)

The second part is looking at the return data those hashtags provide your account and use those as suggestions to continue to optimize.

While trying to grow your Instagram, any data is key when it comes to making the right decisions on what to do.

In this Nitreo review, we can confidently say there is no difference when using their smart hashtags feature.

Once again, not as effective as using auto following/unfollowing, but the hashtag feature by Nitreo can help you reach targeted users if done correctly.

And the last benefit of this is the fact that there is a slim to none risk of being banned by running this feature.

Location Targeting

Similar to gender filtering, location targeting by Nitreo is a great way for your dedicated account managers to help you target users near your location.

One issue that I’ve seen with using this feature during your Instagram growth campaign, is that it isn’t always very accurate when trying to find your target audience locally.

location targeting feature

In fact, when using this feature trying to get real engagement from targeted followers, it was mostly ineffective.

Ineffective to the point where we didn’t recommend wasting the time setting it up within the Nitreo dashboard.

Advanced Parameter Settings

Advanced parameter settings help you by slowing down (or speeding up) features inside the Nitreo dashboard.

This, in turn, keeps your account within the activity guidelines.

advanced parameter feature

In lamens terms, you won’t get your Instagram account banned if you use these advanced parameters correctly.

For example:

You can give exact numbers on how many follows you want the bot to take every hour.

Or how many likes the Nitreo service should do every hour.

In addition to this, you can have Nitreo engage or follow only users that have a profile picture.

Don’t want to follow private accounts?

No problem, with the advanced parameters feature you can choose specific options like this.

Lastly, you can choose whether you want these profiles to be verified, business account(s) or personal, and things like how many followers they have.

Instagram growth services that allow you to fix these parameters help you dramatically decrease the probability of being banned (whether that be full-stop or shadow).

Improvements & Suggestions (Optimizations)

With the Nitreo AI being pretty intuitive, they give you the insight of improvements and suggestions you can make the keep your account pushing forward.

During our testing with this, though, we’ve came to the conclusion that these features are clunky and hard to interpret.

improvements and suggestions feature

While you can get some decent insight, we found that using a tool Thunderclap for real Instagram followers is even better (and quicker) than Nitreo.

More Nitreo Features

Aside from the main Nitreo features, we wanted to bring you the additional features that you’ll get if you sign up.

more nitreo features

Because our Nitreo review is the most in-depth review of their service you can find, we found it only right to go the full yards to give you the best info.

Comment Liking

Comment liking is pretty straightforward, right?

When enabled, this Instagram growth service feature allows the Nitreo system to like comments based on your targeting instructions.

I don’t condone comment liking or auto-commenting, as it just looks a little bit too automated.

auto commenting for Instagram

I’m sure you’ve seen comment feeds like this.

It’s so annoying and frankly, it’s such a bad user experience for not only the person following the user, but also the content creator themselves.

Instagram Live Reactions

The Instagram live reactions feature enables you to automatically send reactions to target profile’s live feeds.

This feature is not recommended because it’s not effective for most people.


Whitlisting gives you the ability to tell your Instagram growth service to avoid unfollowing specific users.

All your users (when you sign up) to Nitreo are automatically whitelisted.

This is good when you use the auto-following feature.

Auto Blacklist

The Blacklist feature with Nitreo allows you to tell their system who NOT to interact with.

This could be competitors, but also, it could be specific accounts you know are bad.

We have experimented extensively with blacklist, and we’ve found that no matter how many Instagram accounts you blacklist, you’ll never be able to control the bad apples.

It’s much more effective to target high quality users in the first place, than to blacklist profiles based on incorrect targeting instructions.

Nitreo Service

Many Instagram growth services like Nitreo offer plans for angencies, business, and individual creators.

Nitreo is no different.

They offer account managers to help any of the three mentioned above.

We’ll explain the Nitreo Instagram growth tool service below.

For Agencies

Nitreo offers a little extra service from their Instagram bots if you’re an agency.

Keep in mind they work as hard as possible to grow your Instagram safely which means they are a good potential tool for agencies who want to help their clients get more Instagram followers.

While their artificial intelligence system features are pretty much the same as mentioned earlier in the article, we can confirm that they are a more “done for you” service which means you only need just a few seconds to get your account set up and ready.

Setting Up Following/Unfollowing

As with the auto following/unfollowing feature above, Nitreo agency plan basically does this work for you.

Your dedicated account manager will get the targeting instructions from you and implement them on your behalf.

nitreo agency following/unfollowing feature

The benefit of this is that they will actually monitor your performance and optimize your account as you go.

Views, Likes, & Engage

Another “done for you” agency feature, Nitreo will help you by viewing, liking, and engaging with targeted content.

nitreo views, likes, & engage features

What they can’t help you with is commenting, because they are not manually growing your Instagram.

While Nitreo claims to offer you only real followers and relevant accounts, they’re still one of the Instagram services that are a using a bot.

Nitreo Target Monitoring

Target monitoring is another nice way of saying that your account manager will keep tabs on your account to make sure that you’re finding the best target audience through Nitreo’s growth tools.

nitreo target monitoring feature

Once data is built (by running the dashboard), the account manager will optimize where they see fit.

This helps you find similar Instagram accounts that you can get as Instagram confirmed followers.

The name of the game should be finding similar users that actually engage with your account.

That is what makes a high quality service for growth on Instagram.

Export Results

Exporting results from Nitreo is a feature built for agencies that want a clean PDF of their data, so they can see what’s happening.

Agencies specifically, they do not have time to login to Nitreo and look at the data every day.

Advanced Parameters

We already discussed advanced parameters.

But to reiterate, they are the in-depth settings of your account, that helps you target other accounts that are relevant to your profile.

Improvements & Suggestions

We’ve also discussed this, but in a nutshell, the Nitreo team will recommend and execute improvements and successions based on your account’s data.

This will help you gain maximum followers and grow your Instagram fast.

For Businesses

The business features for Nitreo are similar to the agency features.

The Nitreo team and your account manager will run and operate your account (done for you) through the Nitreo platform.

This helps you focus on things that matter.

For Creators

Creators are a little different.

Nitreo for creators is the basic Instagram growth service in the sense that you have to set up and manage your own account.

This isn’t a problem, but it does take away from allowing you to focus on things like building a content strategy and engaging your audience quickly.

Nitreo Pricing

Nitreo has a very basic pricing structure.

They don’t offer many confusion when it comes to their options for pricing.

nitreo pricing plans

One question that we get asked a lot is if Nitreo’s pricing has a free trial…

We can confirm that Nitreo does not offer any sort of trial, so you’ll have to pony up the funds to get started.

Nitreo Essential Plan

Nitreo’s Essential plan is their base option.

It’s used by up and coming Instagram creators that are trying to break through on Instagram.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Nitreo’s Essential Plan

Essentials Pricing Pros
  • Cheaper
  • Organic growth
Essentials Pricing Cons
  • Limited support
  • Limited features
  • Bad reviews
  • Fake followers

Nitreo Speed Plan

On the other hand, Nitreo’s Speed plan is the top-tier option.

In addition to the features included in the Essential plan, your Nitreo Speed package provides you with everything that Nitreo offers.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Nitreo’s speed plan.

Speed Pricing Pros
  • Faster growth
  • More features
Speed Pricing Cons
  • Bad support
  • Bad reviews
  • Fake followers
  • Account banning likely

Nitreo FAQ

Can Nitreo help me grow my Instagram?

Yes, Nitreo can help you grow your Instagram.

Just remember that since Nitreo is an automation tool, there’s still a lot of set up work required to see substantial growth.

They do claim to offer dedicated account manager(s) for every account.

Does Nitreo offer organic growth?

Nitreo claim to offer you organic Instagram growth.

It does come true to their word because they are an automation tool.

Is Nitreo safe for my Instagram?

I cannot confirm nor deny that Nitreo is safe.

Because of the fact that Nitreo’s service is against Instagram’s terms of service, I cannot conclude that Nitreo would be safe for any account.

Does Nitreo offer discounts?

No, Nitreo doesn’t offer any discount. They claim that their cheapest option is less than $1.63 each day (less than a cup of coffee… how original)

I’ve seen online where some people claim there’s a Nitreo discount code, but I was unable to find it.

Does Nitreo offer a free trial?

Nitreo does not offer any free trial that I could find. While they do help you grow your Instagram account, you need to pay to get started.

Does Nitreo offer a money back guarantee?

Nitreo does claim to offer a money back guarantee, but looking at their Trustpilot profile I saw numerous complaints when it came to people never receiving their refund.

What good is a money back guarantee if you don’t get your money back?

Is Nitreo one of the best Instagram growth services?

Nitreo is decent, but I wouldn’t consider them one of the best instagram growth services on the market.

Is Nitreo one of the worst services for Instagram organic growth?

While not the best, Nitreo is not the worst service.

Although, if you want to keep your account safe, I’d steer clear of them.

Does Nitreo offer priority support?

Nitreo’s support team is ok, but nothing that I would consider priority support.

They took about 48 hours to get back to our query and then gave a half-hearted response.

Does the hashtag generator Nitreo work good?

It’s a basic tool, but the hashtag generator works decently well.

Is Nitreo legit?

While Nitreo does what they claim they do… I’ve found tons of horrible reviews online.

Just look at their Trustpilot profile.

With 124 reviews, Nitreo is rated at 2.0 stars, AKA, poor rating.

nitreo trustpilot

This tells me that Nitreo is not legit.

Is Nitreo a scam?

Because I saw the poor rating for Nitreo, I wanted to look into things with a bit more detail…

What I found was shocking.

People were getting their accounts banned, which is a huge issue with the state of Instagram automation in today’s Instascape.

nitreo mad customer

nitreo mad customer 2

What’s the difference between Nitreo pricing plans?

The Nitreo Speed plan offers you more extensive growth service features than the Essentials plan.

While both plans get the job done, the Speed plan is for people who want maximum growth as fast as possible.

Best Nitreo Alternatives – How It Compares To Other Instagram Growth Services

I took a lot of time with this full Nitreo review.

Because of this, I wanted to give them a fair chance.

While we’ll talk about the final verdict below when it comes to if I’d recommend Nitreo, I wanted to give the three Nitreo alternatives:

Best Nitreo Alternatives Rating Visit Site 9.5/10 Visit Site
Ampya 9/10 Visit Site

Nitreo Review – Final Verdict

All in all, I would NOT recommend Nitreo.

The reason is because of the horrendous Trustpilot reviews I saw.

Tons of people are labeling Nitreo a scam which makes me unable to recommend their service.

TLDR: Thunderclap is the best option when it comes to buying Instagram followers.

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