Storiesdown Review – How To View Stories Anonymously In 2024

storiesdown review

Instagram remains one of the most popular social media platforms, still going strong with over 1 billion monthly active users.

Because of its popularity and success, Instagram has continually released a range of features and content formats that can help businesses with increased social media marketing efforts.

This includes Instagram stories, one of the most popular features on the platform. With over 500 million users active on IG stories every day, it’s a huge opportunity!

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The IG stories feature was first created as a way to keep pace with the competing social media platform Snapchat. Instagram blew Snapchat out of the water with this addition and changed the future of Instagram for the better.

Using IG stories, you can share photos and videos with your followers that expire after just 24 hours. Stories can also be very engaging through the use of stickers, GIFs, interactive polls, text, and filters.

Because stories are only available for 24 hours, people view them with a bit more urgency than in-feed content. Not only that, it helps your account appear more active when you have recent stories and posts.

You can see what users view stories you’ve uploaded, as well as who has responded or reacted.

As of the writing of this post, there is no way to view Instagram stories anonymously.

That said, there are a range of third party apps that will allow you to view other people’s Instagram stories without being seen.

If you don’t want people to know you have looked at their Instagram stories, you can use one of these Instagram story viewers to help you stay anonymous.

Let’s start this post off by introducing what many consider to be the best Instagram story viewer on the market right now!

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What is StoriesDown?

StoriesDown is an Instagram story viewer and downloader that allows you to view Instagram stories from outside of the IG platform.

They offer you the chance to view (and even download) the stories posted by a particular Instagram account anonymously. The service is free, which makes it even more attractive!

One of the best things about StoriesDown is that you can download Instagram stories, something you can’t do from the Instagram app itself. Not only that, you can do so anonymously.

In addition, because the StoriesDown platform is completely independent from IG itself, it doesn’t require your Instagram username at all. It doesn’t need to know anything about your own Instagram profile to allow you to view and download Instagram stories.

Not only can you view stories anonymously, you can also use the built-in search bar to watch stories from different Instagram profiles without being attached to your personal account.

The StoriesDown Instagram tool is definitely one of the most intuitive out there and offers many attractive features for viewing other users stories. Let’s take a closer look.

StoriesDown IG Viewer: Is it Really Anonymous?

You may be skeptical– can I really check out stories from other Instagram accounts anonymously?

Well, with StoriesDown, you definitely can. You can even download stories without other Instagram users knowing.

Because you don’t need to log in with your own Instagram account to use StoriesDown, there’s no way for IG to track the views. That’s why they don’t show up to the user, and it’s how StoriesDown keeps you anonymous.

The same is true when you download stories. Perhaps you just love the content that someone posted, or you want to use it for your own Instagram content inspiration later down the road.

Either way, you can save stories by downloading them via StoriesDown to check them out whenever you want.

One thing we do advise is to be wary of how you share Instagram stories that you downloaded. You don’t want to have any issues with other Instagram accounts for resharing their story content without permission or proper credit.

Another thing to keep in mind about StoriesDown is that it allows anonymous viewing Instagram stories posted by a public Instagram account.

A private Instagram profile won’t be accessible, so you’ll have to follow that account and view their Instagram stories directly.

Is StoriesDown Safe to Use?

When using third party applications for Instagram, safety is something you definitely want to consider. Even if an app is completely free, it shouldn’t put your information or account safety in jeopardy.

After testing it out, we agree that StoriesDown is among the Instagram viewers that don’t put you in any risk.

Because it’s not associated with Instagram or your own profile, it won’t have any effect on you if you decide to use it.

That said, of course the whole premise when users share stories on Instagram is that they won’t be seen after 24 hours unless the user wants them to be, which means it’s unlikely that IG would want anyone to download and share stories from other users.

There’s still no way for IG to track what happens through Instagram story viewers, so as long as you download anonymously and don’t infringe on copyright or reposting, you won’t be violating Instagram’s TOS (terms of service).

Public accounts are accessible by story viewers like StoriesDown, and you can use their platform for effective stories download both from mobile or computer device.

StoriesDown Review: Functionality

StoriesDown works well, but there are a few limitations that you should keep in mind when using a tool to view stories, videos, and photos on Instagram.

You can use the search engine to find the account that you want to view stories or download videos from. You won’t be able to view stories from a private account, though.

You can’t save stories from private Instagram accounts, either. Instagram story viewing is only available with public accounts, and that is true of even the best Instagram downloader apps.

Instagram viewer capabilities are limited, no matter which one you use, as private Instagram stories aren’t able to be viewed without the account owner’s knowledge.

That said, for regular stories, you can view them via desktop or your mobile phone browser, making StoriesDown a functional and flexible option that caters to many needs.

All you have to do is type the targeted account into their search engine and you’re good to go!

One last thing to keep in mind is that deleted stories aren’t accessible either; this is mainly because they’re not even available on Instagram, so no story viewer will be able to access them.

StoriesDown Alternatives 2024

Wondering if there are any other tools that can help you check out stories photos and videos anonymously?

Best Storiesdown Alternatives Rating Visit Site
Glassgram 9.5/10 Visit Site
mSpy 9/10 Visit Site

Well, we’ve got a couple other Instagram viewers that can help!

Many of these are absolutely free, so you can test them out and see which one is the best for you.


Glassagram is one of the best story viewers since you’ll be able to view Instagram stories without anyone knowing you’ve looked at them.

Glassgram’s online software is very user friendly and the user experience also makes it very easy to find the accounts you’re looking for and view their stories.

You will have to go through a quick setup process with Glassagram, which may be tedious for some people. The good news is that it’s quick, so you’ll be viewing Instagram stories in no time.

It’s free to register for an account with Glassagram.

What’s more, you’ll get real-time updates for IG accounts, making sure that you see all of the most recent stories and posts.

If you want the premium package, however, you will have to pay $54, which may deter some from using their online platform for story viewing.


mSpy also goes beyond the standard IG viewer in that it’s also an Instagram tracker, which is especially useful if you want to track what your kids have been doing or who they’ve been talking to.

You can even track activities outside of Instagram, seeing what other social media networks someone is using and what apps they’re using on their phone.

This StoriesDown Instagram alternative helps you to stay anonymous and gives you the access you need to see just what someone is doing, both inside and outside of their Instagram account.


Inflact is well known in the IG community for not only story viewing and downloading, but also for Instagram growth and many other tools to help you with your Instagram account.

You can check out any Instagram story from a public account using Inflact, and you can download from stories, posts, video content, IGTV, and more using the IG link of the content you want to access.

They have a lot of additional tools that can help you to interact on Instagram more effectively and manage your own content, engagement, scheduling, as well as competitor research.


If you want a comprehensive StoriesDown Instagram viewer alternative, eyeZy will help you be the ultimate tracker.

You can stay on top of just about any Instagram account you want when you use eyeZy. This is a bit more hands-on than just a viewer tool since you’ll also be able to access DMs and other private features when you are using a tracker like eyeZy.

You’ll also need to subscribe and select a membership, then download the app so you can use it on your phone. It’s pretty simple and can be a great option if you want a more in-depth tracking solution that goes beyond viewing.

Qoob Stories

Last but not least, Qoob stories is a popular story viewer that can help you view and download stories anonymously.

They’ll allow you to download pretty much any type of content that goes up onto someone’s Instagram profile, including Instagram stories, either pictures or videos.

In addition, unlike other IG viewer options, they can help you get into a private account and check out their content, which is a unique feature that you might want to take advantage of.

When using Qoob stories, you just need to put in the username, and you’ll be able to check out their full IG profile.

You can try it for free, or access one of their paid plans for either $7 or $25 per month. This will help you to expand your access level and the number of profiles you can browse/download from.

Is StoriesDown a Completely Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer?

It’s tough to be completely anonymous on social media, but yes, StoriesDown can help! Their Instagram viewer will allow you to silently and secretly download photos and videos as well as view any stories that are from public accounts.

Using the StoriesDown search bar, you can easily find the account you’re looking for and view Instagram stories without being seen.

Private stories can’t be viewed, as Instagram users with private accounts have an extra layer of security between you and their story.

You’ll be able to view these people’s Instagram stories only if you are their follower, which won’t be accessible through StoriesDown anonymous services.

Final Thoughts: StoriesDown Instagram Viewer

StoriesDown has been around for quite a few years now and it’s become a very popular option if you want to be completely anonymous when checking out public Instagram stories.

That said, you may want to check out another digital platform that allows you to save videos and watch stories without being noticed.

Keep in mind that Instagram prohibits the unauthorized use of other people’s content, so you should be very careful with how you handle stories you’ve downloaded.

If you’re not sure which tool you want to use, any of the ones we mentioned on this list are good to go.

Try to avoid any viewer or downloader option that has a lot of negative reviews. Because most of these services are free, any services that have several negative reviews are likely unsafe or put your personal information at risk.

All in all, keeping a low profile on Instagram is much easier when you use StoriesDown or a similar app!

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