Twicsy Review 2022 – Is It A Scam?

twicsy review 2022

TLDR: Thunderclap is the best option when it comes to buying Instagram followers. You can view my in depth review of Thunderclap here.

If you could boost your Instagram presence in minutes, would you?

The answer to this question is most likely a resounding yes.

Lo and behold, “boost your Instagram presence in minutes” is the tagline for a popular Instagram growth service named Twicsy.

Can Twicsy live up to this bold claim of growing your Instagram account with real users and real accounts in mere minutes, a task that would otherwise take hours upon hours of tireless time and engagement?

There’s no doubt that Instagram is a competitive space, and it’s also one that you likely need, which is why you’re reading this Twicsy review.

Because Instagram offers so many opportunities to reach your target audience, build an online presence, drive e-commerce revenue, and much more, who isn’t on Instagram these days?

This makes it even harder to get noticed and beat the Instagram algorithm to establish yourself in a meaningful way on the platform.

Instagram growth tools such as Twicsy have emerged because so many users need help in growing their Instagram account.

After all, hiring a full-fledged employee to help people grow their Instagram isn’t viable for many budgets. Plus, spending your own time doing the work can detract from tasks that truly need your attention.

It’s a delicate balance — figuring out where to effectively allocate your time on strategy, content creation, etc. in addition to growing your Instagram account.

Instagram growth tools can be one of the best ways. That is, if you select the right ones.

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With so many choices on the market, you may be feeling overwhelmed, wondering how to differentiate the effective Instagram growth companies from the headaches.

For this reason we’re bringing you our Twicsy review today— we’ve tested it out so you don’t have to, and we’ve got a lot to say.

Are they one of the best Instagram growth tools? Let’s find out.

Who is Twicsy?

who is twicsy
Twicsy is an Instagram growth provider that claims to offer high-quality as well as premium Instagram likes, followers and views. We’ll talk about what those key terms mean in just a bit.

Some notable features that have caught the attention of many include Twicsy’s guarantee of instant delivery, 100% real services, and their 24/7 customer support.

These features are certainly attractive at first glance, and the legitimate appearance of the Twicsy website adds to their credibility.

Their brand aesthetic is very professional and helps to build trust with those who are browsing their website.

The thought may even come to mind, “wow, Twicsy can probably get me the Instagram audience and engagement that I’ve always needed.”

We’ll examine the effectiveness of the service in the next section of our Twicsy review, but let’s talk a bit more about the quality of followers and engagements that are on offer.

If you take a look at their product pages, you can see that there is always the option to toggle between high-quality and premium followers, likes, and views.

When you order “high-quality” followers, likes, and/or views, you’ll get accounts with profile pictures, but no additional uploads.

If you opt for premium, however, you will be offered 100% real Instagram likes, followers, and views.

Is it too good to be true? Let’s read on and find out.

Twicsy Key Features

twicsy features

Before we get to the meat and potatoes of our review, let’s find out a bit about the key features of Twicsy as an Instagram growth tool.

Instant Delivery Guaranteed

One of the main features Twicsy publicize on their website is their instant delivery.

This doesn’t mean what you may think, though.

You can find in different spots on their website that all orders start within a few minutes, not that they are completed in a few minutes.

This is a bit misleading for those who weren’t able to catch the real facts scattered throughout the site.

Even still, they promise delivery in 24 hours.

On their product pages, it says that they offer gradual or instant delivery, yet you don’t have an option to select which you prefer.

Overall, we did receive our order promptly, but it certainly wasn’t instant.

Word choice matters.

Customer Support Around the Clock

The Twicsy support team offers around-the-clock support, which is good.

We’d love it if they offered it via chat or telephone, but they offer a contact form.

You’ll need to provide your first name, email, and message; you can also provide the reason for your message and your order number on an optional basis.

We appreciate that they offer a support element, but it isn’t quick and you certainly don’t get a response as fast as you may need one.

Satisfaction Guarantee

They also state on their website that they have a satisfaction guarantee, but unfortunately it doesn’t say any more.

What exactly does Twicsy do if one if their customers isn’t satisfied?

If you examine the terms of service, you can see that a refund may be requested within 30 days.

Furthermore, they are only processed through the Twicsy support email.

No Password Required

Because Twicsy isn’t interacting on your behalf via your Instagram account, they don’t require that you provide your password.

This is an industry standard, and it’s good that they don’t.

Twicsy doesn’t need it in order to provide services, so your account security is protected.

Twicsy Services

There are different packages that Twicsy offers, as we mentioned above. Here we’ll go into detail about those options.

Instagram Likes Services

The Twicsy Instagram likes packages allow you to boost engagement on your photos.

This helps to build your social proof and generate more trust and notability in your brand.

The packages for Twicsy high quality likes begin at 50 likes and go up to 2500 likes.

You also have the option to split likes on multiple pictures, which can be a valuable choice.

Cheap Instagram Followers

Twicsy also offers packages for Instagram followers, both high quality and premium followers.

These followers are real, from real people, as Twicsy describes on their product page, in addition to guaranteed instant delivery with no password required.

This is one of the benefits of using a service such as Twicsy— you don’t need to provide your password for services.

Your order can be delivered securely without any risk to your account.

Instagram Views Packages

The final product type that Twicsy offers is Instagram views. It’s a bit different from the other products.

Instagram views don’t have the option to select high quality or premium, so you simply choose the quantity you want and that is what you’ll receive.

It notes on the product page that the Instagram views are high quality, but Twicsy doesn’t go into any detail about what you can expect to receive.

More information here about the Instagram views packages would be great.

Further, they don’t mention anything about splitting the views between different videos, so that adds an extra step for the customer in having to find out the answer to this themselves.

Spoiler alert: you can.

Why they wouldn’t mention it, we don’t quite know; it’s a great option to have and would be attractive to clients.

After you input your Instagram information and select your product quantity, the next page will allow you to choose the videos that you want to distribute the views to.

It will tell you how many posts you’ve selected as well as how many views each post will receive.

Twicsy Pricing

The pricing for Twicsy products varies.

Do you want likes, or followers, or views?

How many?

Do you want high quality likes/followers, or premium?

These are the factors that impact the price of Twicsy packages.

Twicsy does offer a discount off the standard price when you buy a larger quantity.

In this part of our Twicsy review, we’ll look at the different pricing plans for both high quality and premium Twicsy likes, followers, and views.

Twicsy Likes Pricing

Pricing for high quality Instagram likes from Twicy starts at 50 likes for $1.47 and continues until you reach 10k likes, which will cost you $88.99.

The pricing is relatively low.

For example, you can get 1000 Instagram likes for $12.99. Because you can spread them across a maximum of 10 posts, you can boost your engagement easily this way.

You will select the posts that will receive the likes during the checkout process; it will tell you how many you’ve selected and how many likes you’ll get per post.

If you try to surpass 10 selected posts, you’ll get an error message.

Premium likes are double the price, with 50 likes costing $3.49. You can only get up to 500 premium likes, which runs at $19.99.

So, for 1k premium likes, you’re looking at roughly $40, whereas 1k high quality likes will only cost you $12.99.

This is a pretty big price swing, but during our testing we did not notice much of a difference in quality…

Twicsy Followers Pricing

Instagram followers are always the most expensive option when you use an Instagram growth service like Twicsy

Just remember that there’s a big difference between cheap Instagram follower services and high quality Instagram followers.

If you can’t afford to buy high quality Instagram followers, it’s better to not buy any at all.

For Twicsy, the price range is still reasonable for many budgets. 100 Instagram followers start at $2.97.

For premium followers, the minimum purchase is 500 at $11.99. You can get 5000 premium followers for $88.99, or 5000 high quality followers for $49.99.

Similar to likes, you’ll see that the premium followers are about double the cost of high quality ones.

Twicsy Views Pricing

Because there are only high quality views and no premium, you’ll see one set of pricing for Instagram views.

The pricing model starts at 500 views for $1.99 and increases all the way up to 50k views for $74.99.

Twicsy FAQ

Still have some questions about Twicsy and looking for some answers?

We’ve put together some of the most common questions in this section of our Twicsy review, so read on.

Does Twicsy help me grow my Instagram organically?

While the word organic is thrown around casually on the Twicsy website, the answer is no, they don’t help you grow your Instagram organically.

Organic Instagram growth occurs when you target your audience and use natural interaction to build your audience and boost engagement.

Because Twicsy doesn’t interact on your behalf at all, their services won’t grow your Instagram organically.

Twicsy packages are sent directly to your account, which means that you’re not engaging with any users.

Interaction and engagement is widely known to be the best long-term Instagram growth strategy.

There are many Instagram growth services out there that claim to grow your account organically because it sounds good.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Instagram has implemented a lot of different methods to combat spam and autobots on the Instagram platform.

This is in order to protect the user experience and keep Instagram’s integrity intact.

For Instagram users, that’s wonderful! For Instagram growth services, ouch.

It makes it a lot tougher to stay connected to a client’s account and deliver consistent, high-quality results.

Is Twicsy expensive?

Twicsy isn’t too expensive if you’re on a budget and you want to grow your Instagram account.

As we mentioned in our pricing section, their packages can start as low as $1.47 for Instagram likes, $2.97 for Instagram followers, and $1.99 for Instagram views.

These prices on their own aren’t too expensive, but things can add up quickly if you need higher quantities or premium products.

What’s more, you may find yourself caught in the cycle of buying followers along with engagements, which will increase your total spending.

The most important thing when choosing among the best Instagram growth services is to carefully evaluate the cost for the value and decide what your budget is.

Once you determine those things, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not the service can work for you.

How long does it take Twicsy to deliver my order?

The website gives some contradictory information in regard to the order delivery time, which can make it tough to set your expectations.

On each product page, Twicsy says that you’ll get instant delivery. However, on the views page, it says that orders start in 60 seconds.

Then, if you check their FAQ, it says that you’ll start to see results within 24 hours.

It seems like they really want to push the instant delivery idea, when in reality the orders begin instantly and you will see them come in over time.

This is the standard method for many services like this, so we wonder why Twicsy doesn’t say upfront how things work.

Does Twicsy refill my purchase if it drops off?

If you look at the product pages for premium likes and premium followers, Twicsy claims that there is no drop at all with these packages.

It doesn’t specify whether or not you’ll receive any refills in the event that the followers and/or likes do drop off.

On the high quality likes and follower descriptions, though, it does mention that “auto-refill is enabled within the warranty.”

There was no place on the site where we could find where the warranty is explained, nor is there a clear time period for the warranty so that the user knows how long they’ll be covered.

Not only that, on the terms of service page, there is no direct mention of a drop refill, nor of a warranty. Uh oh.

That’s a bit troublesome for us.

We’ll discuss the inconsistencies and missing information on the Twicsy website in a later section of this review.

Does Twicsy Work?

It’s tough to give a straightforward answer to questions such as this, because yes, Twicsy does work, but how well does it work?

When you buy from Twicsy, the process is very simple. All you have to do is:

1. Visit the service page of your choice— Buy Instagram Likes, Buy Instagram Followers, or Buy Instagram Views

2. Select whether you want high quality or premium

3. Pick your quantity. For instance, follower packages range from 100-5k for high quality, and 500 to 5k for premium.

4. Click Buy Now

5. Enter your Instagram username, email address, and confirm the quantity, then hit Continue

6. Check out and complete your purchase with payment information

And that’s it. You’ll then receive your order confirmation and your order will begin processing.

Is Twicsy a Scam?

twicsy testimonials

In the simplest terms, Twicsy fulfills your order and delivers what you purchase. We certainly wouldn’t classify them as a scam.

That said, their website does offer some misleading information, such as:

Instant delivery: they don’t offer immediate delivery as it takes a while for all of their followers to be delivered. You can see other terminology throughout their website.

Lack of information: it’s common practice for Instagram growth tools to offer FAQs and an About page to understand more in regard to the service and/or company. Twicsy doesn’t offer either.

Terms of Service: The terms of service state that “the expected number of followers, likes, and views is not guaranteed to you in any way.

The last one really hits home that in the end, Twicsy doesn’t take responsibility for the service they provide and that you’re not guaranteed anything.

This seemingly contradicts their “no drop” statement for their premium packages.

Should I Buy Followers from Twicsy?

If you’re in a pinch and need to generate some growth for your Instagram account, Twicsy could be a quick option.

The only thing that you should keep in mind is that an Instagram growth tool like Twicsy isn’t able to guarantee that you will receive real, authentic Instagram followers.

Not only that, they claim to offer you organic Instagram growth, when it’s just not feasible.

There’s no targeting nor engagement that takes place, so keep your expectations in line with the reality of the service.

You’ll see a bump in your numbers, and you’ll receive the package that you purchase.

Just keep in mind that you may have low-quality followers, likes, or views that ultimately won’t help you generate much more reach in the long term.

You won’t be able to test out Twicsy as they don’t offer a free trial, so buying a small package to test things out first is advised.

Here are some other things that we felt were missing while testing for our Twicsy review.

Limited FAQ

There are only a few questions on each service page that Twicsy answers, and they don’t give you any valuable information.

Twicsy doesn’t answer questions about delivery timeframes.

What happens if you encounter an error, and other simple questions about their service.

Nor do they provide information about what you should do if you’re not happy with your order.

In an ideal world, we’d love to see more support for clients and a more detailed, expansive FAQ.

Review Quality

You may have tried to find information about Twicsy on the web, and they do have a Trustpilot account, which is valuable to understand how users feel about the service.

Every single review on their website is glowing, so that needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

What’s more, many of their positive reviews on Trustpilot are from users with no photo and no other reviews, which indicates these reviews were likely purchased or fortified.

If you take a look at the negative reviews, 13% of total reviews, you’ll see that many users have multiple reviews and that the main issue was with follower quality.

Services were provided, but it comes down to the fact that Twicsy has no way to really target followers that suit your account.

This is why many users were unsatisfied in the end.

There were also complaints of no response from the service team.

Twicsy Review Final Thoughts

Our final Twicsy review verdict is that they are a legitimate service that provides packaged Instagram followers, likes, and views.

When just starting out on Instagram or if you’re in need of a quick fix, they can help you see an immediate boost.

That said, if you’re looking for ways to build a real, organic Instagram following with

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