Jarvee Review 2024: Can They Help You Grow Your Instagram?

Today we will take an in-depth look and review Jarvee to see if it’s the right Instagram growth tool for you.

Jarvee Review – Quick TLDR Summary

TLDR: UseViral is a much better option than Jarvee when it comes to buying Instagram followers. You can check out UseViral here.

Look, we get it — You’re busy.  Here’s the pros and cons for the Jarvee Instagram growth service along with two best alternative options for you:

  • Cheap
  • Fake followers
  • No support
  • Bad reviews

The social media marketing industry is growing at an alarming rate and by the end of this year, it’s projected to reach more than $15 million.

With nearly 5 billion active social media users around the world, it’s no surprise that businesses are clamoring to get a piece of the action.

Many brands use platforms like Instagram to connect with potential customers and create a connection with the target audience.

However, managing an effective Instagram account can be time-consuming and requires a lot of effort.

This is where third-party Instagram growth tools come in.

They offer Instagram automation services that help you grow your account and engage with your target audience without your constant supervision.

Jarvee Homepage

Jarvee is one of such social media automation tools available today. It’s packed with features that allow you to automate almost all aspects of your Instagram marketing, from liking and commenting on posts to following and unfollowing users.

Jarvee claims to help you manage multiple accounts thanks to their advanced features and good customer support.

Who Is Jarvee?

Jarvee is a social media automation service that enables users to automate various tasks on their social media accounts, including likes, auto comments, follows, and unfollows.

Jarvee Windows-based Software

This Windows-based software is designed for both personal and business Instagram use, and it’s suitable for other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Tumblr.

This rapid growth tool is a whole Instagram engagement strategy wrapped up in a neat, little bow — or so they claim.

We know better than to trust empty promises on some websites, regardless of how promising they sound, and we know you do too.

So let’s dive in and see if Jarvee really is the real deal, or if it’s just another over-hyped social media tool.

How To Get Started For Instagram Social Media Platforms Automation With Jarvee

Jarvee Sign-Up Page

Signing up to Jarvee is quite an easy process and doesn’t require you to provide them with any sensitive information, like your social media accounts passwords.

First, you need to create an account on the Jarvee website.

You can do this by clicking on the “Get Started” tab and then selecting the “Start Free Trial” option on the pricing page.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be taken to a page where you have to provide your email address in order to create an official account with Jarvee.

Only then will you be taken through to where you can view your licenses, and invoices, and download Jarvee software.

Welcome to Jarvee Community

Choose Your Plan

Before you register, however, you’ll see all of the plans that are currently available for you to purchase.

Each plan Jarvee offers is designed for a different purpose, so it’s important that you select the one which is most relevant to your needs and is most suited to your budget.

The packages you get to choose from are as follows: Starter, Regular, and Professional.

The only difference between the plans is the number of social media accounts offered. And the price of course, though we’re not sure if the upgrades are worth it.

Other than that all three include all of Jarvee’s automation and scheduling features and receive the same level of premium customer support.

Finally, all three packages include the multiple platforms and offer Facebook automation, LinkedIn automation, and even Tumblr automation, among others.

Sign Up For The Free Trial

Jarvee Free Trial

To get started with Jarvee, you first need to sign up for a free trial. This will give you access to all of the features and social media platforms that Jarvee offers so that you can try them before you buy.

The free trial is available regardless of the package you choose and lasts 5 days.

It’s a nice gesture from the company, but we think five days is not quite enough to fully review Jarvee and figure out if the promised features are worth the price tag.

Jarvee Instagram Automation Features

jarvee what will you get

In order to aid your Instagram engagement strategy approach, Jarvee claims to offer a variety of features to help you save time and make your life easier.

Let’s have a closer look at the eighteen features Jarvee offers for its Instagram clientele.

Post Scheduling

Jarvee Features


The first and main feature of Jarvee is the ability to schedule your posts in advance, but with an extra benefit, that regular post scheduling doesn’t include.

You can upload an image or video, write the caption, and then schedule posts to go live when your fans are most engaged and not just at a preset time.

Feature Rating

This is a great feature if you want to make sure your posts are going up when your fans are most active, but it’s not perfect.

For one, there’s no guarantee that just because your fans are active at a particular time it means they’ll see your post.

And two, if you have a lot of content to post, it can be time-consuming to schedule each one individually, making it about the same amount of work as a regular post mass planner.

Auto Repost

When you use the “Auto Repost” feature in Jarvee, you are essentially searching for high-quality posts within your niche and sharing them with your followers.

This is a way to expand your circle of influence, as you are featuring other people’s photos and content on your timeline. By doing this, you will be able to connect with more people who are interested in the same topics as you.

Feature Rating

The big downside of using this scraping tool is the fact that Jarvee seems to miss the key reason why people have followers in the first place.

Those people are not on your page to see other users’ images, regardless of how high-quality and relevant they are.

They want to see what you have to offer, and if you’re not offering anything unique, then they’re likely to lose interest quickly.

Auto Follow

The “Auto Follow” feature on Jarvee’s Instagram tool promises to help you quickly and easily find other users in your niche to follow.

By using the smart filters, you can target the right users, and Jarvee will automatically follow them for you. This is a great way to get more targeted followers who are interested in what you have to offer.

Feature Rating

As we have already mentioned above, the auto follow function is a powerful tool that can help you rapidly build a targeted following on Instagram.

However, it is important to note that this feature is not without its risks. If you follow too many people too quickly, you may trigger Instagram’s spam detection algorithms and get your account suspended.

Therefore, it is important to use this feature judiciously and only follow users who are likely to be genuinely interested in your content.

Follow Back

The “Follow Back” feature on Jarvee is designed to help you quickly follow back any users who have followed you.

This is a great way to ensure that you’re following all of the people who are interested in your content, and it can also help you to build relationships with other users.

Feature Rating

There isn’t much to say about this feature as it’s basically a social media bot that will reciprocate your new follower’s interest.

Though we’re not sure how much following people back actually helps to build your account up since the aim is to get more users to follow you and not the other way around.


Most users of major social networks like to keep their followings list tidy. Usually, this means following people who they know, or who share similar interests.

However, there are always going to be some users who do not reciprocate the follow. This can be for a variety of reasons – they may have set their account to private, or they simply may not be interested in the content that you’re posting.

Regardless of the reason, it’s often useful to have a function that allows you to unfollow these users quickly and easily.

Feature Rating

In theory, this feature should work great to clean up your followings list, but in practice, it doesn’t always work as intended.

First off, this kind of behavior can seem petty and unnecessary, so if you’re trying to make a good impression on your followers, these kinds of actions are not advised.

Plus, once again Jarvee offers a feature that could come off as spammy and too automated for the Instagram algorithm to ignore.

Auto Like

The auto like feature on Instagram is a tool that is designed to help you gain more followers. It works by searching for high-quality images in your niche and liking them for you.

The hope is that the user of the liked photo will see your like and be curious enough to check out your profile. If they like what they see, they may decide to follow you.

Feature Rating

The premise of this feature is flawed from the start since no one scrolling through Instagram would ever pause, check out who liked a certain photo, and then make a conscious effort to have a look at their page.

It’s just not going to happen, and so this feature is rendered completely useless.

Auto Comment

Jarvee Features

Similar to the feature above, “Auto Comment” will search for relevant images in your niche and automatically leave a comment on an Instagram profile.

The comments are allegedly high quality, and again, the idea is that the user of the commented-on photo will be encouraged to engage with your content.

To support their claims of creative and original comments, Jarvee promises that they will use spin syntax to create comments that look like a real human wrote them.

Feature Rating

When it comes to Instagram automation, the “Auto Like” and “Auto Comment” features offered by Jarvee are pretty standard.

Both of these features are commonly found in other Instagram bots, and they both serve the same purpose: to get more eyes on your Instagram account handle.

But that’s it, this is the major issue — you want eyes on your account, not the handle, and as such both of these tools are likely not going to help you much in the long term.

Delete Posts

Jarvee’s “Delete Posts” feature is a great way to clean up your Instagram profile.

With this feature, you can delete posts that are not performing well, or that are simply unappealing.

This is a great way to get rid of old, outdated or simply unappealing posts that might be dragging down the overall quality of your page.

Feature Rating

Having a neat Instagram account feed is not only good for the look of your page, but it can also be beneficial for your engagement rate.

However, automated software is likely to only take into account the number of likes and comments on a post when considering whether to delete it or not.

This means that you might lose out on some great content that didn’t perform well at first, but could have been successful with a little more time.

Contact Prospects

The “Contact Prospects” feature offered by Jarvee is a great way to get in touch with potential customers or clients.

With this feature, you can send automated direct messages to people who have interacted with your page in some way. For example, you can send a welcome message to your new followers or set up an automatic response to new messages.

This can be a great way to keep potential customers or clients engaged with your brand, and it can help you to build relationships with them over time.

Feature Rating

Keeping in touch with real Instagram followers is very important to running a successful Instagram business venture, but this is not the way.

Regardless of how sophisticated software may seem, it’s going to be pretty obvious when it’s an automated, generic message.

When trying to build a relationship with a potential customer, it’s important to be as personal as possible.

This means replying to comments and sending direct messages yourself, rather than relying on a bot to do it for you.

Manage DMs

The direct message function in Jarvee allows you to see all of your messages from multiple accounts in one place. This is convenient if you want to keep up with a particular conversation or if you want to reply to multiple messages at once.

You can also use the direct message function to start new conversations. This is a useful feature if you need to communicate with someone who is not on your contact list.

Feature Rating

This is a pretty straightforward function, but unfortunately, it brings very little to the table. The interface is basic and there are no features that make it stand out from the competition.

It gets the job done, but it doesn’t do anything to make the experience more enjoyable.

Hashtag Research

Hashtags are a great way to connect with potential customers on social media. But if you’re not using the right hashtags, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities.

The “Hashtag Research” feature allows you to quickly find popular hashtags that are relevant to your business. And Jarvee recommends using it with their “Dynamic Hashtags” function.

This function automatically circles back to the hashtags you haven’t used in a while, giving you a fresh set of relevant hashtags to use.

Feature Rating

If you’ve been looking for a glorified hashtag bot, this is great, but this feature does not stand out on its own or paired with the other functions it offers.

Most importantly though, it simply is not worth the effort and money.

Block Followers

With the “Block Followers” feature on Jarvee, you can automatically block anyone who doesn’t pass your selected criteria and filters.

This is a great way to keep your account private and remove any unwanted or spammy followers. You can customize the criteria and filters to suit your needs, and the process is completely automated so you don’t have to do anything manually.

This is a great way to keep your account clean and tidy, and it’s also very effective at preventing unwanted followings.

Feature Rating

This is an advanced feature we actually like, as blocking people one by one can be time-consuming and weeding them out from the crowds almost impossible.

This is a great way to keep your account clean and tidy, and it’s also very effective at preventing unwanted followings.

Find And Extract Targeted Users

Jarvee Features


If you’re looking to grow your brand on Instagram, one tool that can be helpful is something that lets you target specific users.

This Jarvee feature allows you to take a closer look at the followers, likers, and commenters of your targeted users, and extract the information that would be most useful to your brand-building efforts.

For example, you can use this tool to find out which hashtags are most popular among your target audience or to identify potential influencers who could help promote your brand.

Feature Rating

One of the few features offered by Jarvee that we think is a great addition to anyone’s social media marketing arsenal.

Competition research, identifying influencers, and hashtag research can all be done manually but it’s so much easier (and faster) with a tool like this.

Manage Comments

The comment management feature in Jarvee’s software is a great way to keep track of all the comments on your posts in one place.

You can also respond to comments directly within the program. This makes it easy to keep up with the conversation and make sure that all your comments are being seen by your audience.

Additionally, the comment management feature can help you to moderate your comments section and keep it free from spam or inappropriate comments.

Feature Rating

Sure, comment management can sometimes be a chore, but it can be done relatively easily within the app itself.

It is unnecessary to have a feature solely dedicated to this as most businesses will have been doing it perfectly fine on their own. This also does little to bring more Instagram engagement.

Delete Comments

Setting up this tool is quick and easy. Simply enter your desired criteria and the program will do the rest. Whether you’re looking for comments that are positive, negative, or neutral, this tool will help you delete unwanted ones.

You can also specify how many comments you want to keep. This way, you can maintain control over the conversation without having to manually delete each comment yourself.

Feature Rating

Same as with blocking multiple Instagram accounts that don’t match your intended audience, this comment deleting tool is an easy way to take care of them in bulk.

Though once again, like with most Jarvee automated bulk features, this kind of behavior on your account could lead to bot accusations.

Like Comments

This service feature is designed to help you get more Instagram followers by automatically liking their comments. Additionally, you can choose to have the service comment on these posts as well.

Supposedly, this is a great way to show your appreciation to your loyal fan base and get more followers at the same time.

Feature Rating

It might seem like it’s a nice idea to like all comments you have no time to respond to, but it might make your account look like an Instagram bot.

Save Posts

When you’re trying to stay up-to-date on what’s happening with a particular group or topic, it can be helpful to set up filters to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

Jarvee’s tool lets you set up filters to determine which posts get downloaded and saved to your device. You can choose the users you want to target and set other criteria that the program will follow.

That way, you can be sure you’re only seeing the most relevant information.

Feature Rating

With this particular feature, it felt as if Jarvee was trying to pad their offering with some randomly picked options that will have no actual benefit for most users.

Proxy Support

For individuals and businesses that rely on the internet for communication and collaboration, privacy and security are always top concerns.

In recent years, a number of high-profile data breaches have made headlines, raising awareness of the risks posed by online threats.

To help protect its users, Jarvee claims to offer the option of HTTP residential proxy support. By routing traffic through a proxy server, users can add an extra layer of security to their online activities.

Feature Rating

This is the kind of advanced feature we like to see. In this day and age, online security is a must, and the ability to add a proxy server is a great way to help keep your data safe.

Without a thorough test of this offering though it’s hard to say whether or not it’s truly effective.

Jarvee Pricing

Jarvee Pricing

Jarvee has a free trial available, as well as three different pricing plans.

The cheapest option is $29.95 per month, and for that, you get all the basic features plus support for multiple accounts — 10 accounts to be exact.

The next tier up is the $49.95 per month “Regular” version, which gives you up to 30 social media accounts.

Finally, the “Professional” package will set you back $69.95 per month and allow you to connect up to 70 accounts.

All of the above are prices for the software regardless of which social media platform you will be using it with.

Does Jarvee Work?

Jarvee Growth Promise

Now that we have all of that out of the way, does Jarvee actually work?

The simple answer is: yes, it does.

But of course, nothing is ever that simple.

Just because software offers so many features that are meant to boost your organic growth, it doesn’t mean that it will work flawlessly for everyone. Or anyone.

Is Jarvee Legit?

We don’t think Jarvee is a total scam unless you consider every single automation tool a scam.

But there are certain things about it that can make it seem like one.

Is Jarvee Safe?

Jarvee Download Page

First of all, the fact that you need to install Jarvee on your computer is always risky as it can carry all kinds of viruses.

Then there is also the fact that most of its Instagram features will likely lead to your account being flagged as a bot and blocked or deleted in the most extreme of cases.

Bad Jarvee Reviews On Trustpilot

Jarvee Contact Page

Most of the user ratings on Trustpilot refer to exactly that, people’s Instagram profiles being banned or deleted.

Some people also say that the software is hard to use and that the customer service is terrible.

Others had a pretty bad experience with their customer service too as they simply refused to give them a refund or simply did not respond.

Jarvee, Final Verdict – Social Media Automation Tool You’ll Want to Skip

Well, you came here for our honest opinion, so there you have it — avoid Jarvee.

There are too many risks involved when downloading alien software to your most important social media marketing tool.

Plus, the accusations of being a bot are not a good look for any fledgling business.

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