What Does NFS Mean On Instagram? Explained & How to Use It

what does nfs mean on instagram and how to use it

If you’re deep into the comment game on Instagram then you’ve probably seen the abbreviation (NFS)…

As with everything, online or off, niche communities and groups of people often come up with slang and other meanings that trend or go viral.

Inside the Instagram world, that’s no different.

Matter of fact, Instagram is one of the breeding grounds to trending and viral content including acronyms like “NFS”.

And if you’ve ever wondered, “what does NFS mean on Instagram”, then you’re at the right spot because we’re going to explain it in the quick and to the point article.

So read on, my young ones!

But before you do, just remember that what the NFS slang term stands for has multiple different meanings, AKA, different variations.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram Business Page

In the Instagram business world, the NFS acronym stands for “Not For Sale”.

Sometimes brands or business pages on Instagram have products or items that are not for sale.

nfs on instagram in business

Whatever the reason may be, whether that’s because the business owner created the product for their close friends and it might not be publicly avaialbe, or any other reason — the common definition for “NFS” in the business page world is, Not For Sale.

Although if you’re a business or brand using such an acronym then remember that your potential customers or Instagram users will be pushed away from your products because they can’t buy them.

So, IMO, if you’re on Instagram for business, you should use other meaning(s) or variations because this type of acronym will go against your brand.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram Gaming Page

nfs in gaming is need for speed

NFS stands for in the gaming world, “Need For Speed”.

As we know, there’s an array of games titled “Need For Speed”, and so that’s why the internet slang for NFS stands for Need For Speed…

At least that’s what it mean on Instagram in the gaming space.

But remember, there are multiple most common definition(s) for this acronym throughout a multitude of online communities.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram DMs

Another one of the variations that NFS stand(s) for is inside the Instagram dm area.

Maybe you’ve had somebody reply to a Dm that you sent them or maybe you’ve sent this acronym to them.

Regardless, it seems like it’s a never ending list with the last meaning of the “NFS” acronym.

So inside the Instagram DM, NFS means on instagram “No Funny Sh*t”.

A lot of times when people are talking they use the acronym as a first definition to end the discussion.

Other Meaning of NFS on Instagram

The above meanings for the acronym nfs are not the only ones that are circulating Instagram’s latest posts and Instagram story(ies).

There’s a few other things that NFS means and what the acronym nfs stands for.

Things like “No Filter Sunday”…

It’s a hashtag that’s used by creators after they upload content without using filters…

And, as you guessed it — They do this on Sundays.

We’ve seen a lot of recent comments that look favorably on this “No Filter Sunday”, because it shows the realness of the creator and who they really are.

Additionally, NFS on Instagram can also mean “Not Following Specified”.

IMO this is a stupid term of NFS, but hey, we’re here to drop the facts of the meaning behind the acronyms for you.

Origin of NFS on Instagram

Originally, the NFS term on Instagram stood for “Not For Sale”.

But as you’re aware, as terms circulate across post(s), their meaning could change.

That’s the same thing that happened with the abbreviation “NFS”.

As discussed above, aside from “Not For Sale”, the other NFS meanings on post(s) are Need For Speed, No Filter Sunday, Not Following Specified, and No Funny Sh*t.


Do a Lot of People use NFS term on Instagram?

We’ve found that there are certain people that use the NFS terms in a post or comment section, but on the whole the abbreviation is generally still meant to describe (not for sale).

When Did NFS term start on Instagram?

The term NFS started years back when people started selling products and services on Instagram.


Like we discussed, using certain internet words on Instagram, or really any other platform inside your phone or browser can really grow exponentially.

Meaning, a term that starts out as one thing will likely get pushed into another.

Take the term “BYOB” for instance.

Initially, it stood for “Bring Your Own Beer” — But now it stands for a multitude of different meanings.

Hopefully this article helped you understand the term “NFS” and what it means on Instagram.

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